In general, college life is special for everybody but the experience is all the more exciting and different in a girl’s college.

The variety in terms of people and personality and the number of groups the class is usually divided into makes it more interesting .We have some girls who are no less than future ladies ,by that I mean the clothes they wear, the way they talk and the way they think thrice even before uttering a single word even to their friends makes them really different from the crowd.They are the minority though , may be that’s what sets them a class apart or they can be referred to as the “classy chics”.

The majority is still the ones who are stylish in each and every way and look no less than a model. A girl’s college is just a paradise for those bird watchers who are always seen flocking outside the college, across the road or just pretend to use the telephone in the booth.These girls are very trendy, hot and everything is just perfect about them. I sometimes wonder if these ever have a single bad hair day. I also am trying to figure that how many hours go for achieving the perfection of this level! Their nails are always in great shape, carefully French manicured and the paint always matches the outfit (must) footwear matches the outfit always . Their eyes are loaded with kajal and the greatest of all the wonders is that it never smudges! Clearly “good looks” tops their list of priorities. A little make up is always there, however there are some girls who overdo it and thus clearly differ from the “originals”.

Now, we move on to the group which is the exact opposite of the above mentioned group. They are the sweaty,dirty, greasy and muddy girls wearing a sleeveless tee and cool shorts and sporting their ever dirty sports shoes. These are the coolest of the whole lot- atleast to me! They can always be seen hanging out in the canteen with the team members occupying around a dozen of chairs and right royally bunk the first two periods as attendance is granted to them in that time. Eat whatever they wish and they sport an attitude which clearly says “to hell with diet”. The good news is eating fried is not a crime for them (as it is for most of us!).Their general breakfast consists of a glass of chocolate shake ,a plate of samosas and chowmein of course! It’s a nice sight to see these girls like talk and fight with each other, they can’t complete a single sentence without having abuses in them, which sometimes makes us feel that guys are always around us. These girls with their abuses fill the void which is created by the absence of guys.

The next group is of those intellects generally seen in simple clothes like a kurta teamed up with a pair of jeans. They are very logical, practical think beyond that point where most of us stop thinking. Their minds are always preoccupied with some or the other thing. They generally are a part of the debating society, dramatics or the college union of course.

Girl’s college is so culturally rich and so blessed. We have different cultural societies which always work around the year to win everywhere they go. They are always seen in the college, in the early mornings the music society members and the choreography team practice regularly, the whole day is again occupied by all the societies and the evenings are utilized by the street play and the dramsoc teams.The “hues” take care of the wonderfully decorated college during festivals and even small occasions.There is also a way by which one can judge that the society a girl must’ve joined just by looking at her.

Pretty girls in beautiful kurtas and pretty earrings and the soft tone with which they talk easily suggest that these girls belong to the “Indian music society”.The ones in punk style, torn pair of jeans, tee and a guitar on the shoulder clearly says that this must be the “western music society”. The petite, pretty girls who are always seen sweating out in the practice rooms and while talking their expressions do most of the talking than their mouths ,yes you guessed it right ,these are the “dance society members”. There is a distinction here too, the girls who are always in their black jazz pants are the ones belonging to the “western dance society” and the ones who wear anything comfortable and loose mostly a salwar kameez are the ones of the “Indian dance society”. Lets hear a little about these loud girls who believe in voicing their opinions wherever they can, they are either from the “street play or the dramatics society”


Having studied in a girl’s college for three years had a huge impact on me and I’m sure it did have on others too. It taught us to be independent, achieve our goals no matter how difficult it is. There are times when girls in the college union have to stay back in college and mostly return late at night because of the work that they do. Indoors or outdoors ,its us who go and it definitely makes you strong as a person.

We have some disadvantages too, its really difficult to be in the good books of the lecturers especially if one belongs to a society and bunk their classes often. I still remember the look which my lecturers used to give when I used to get my pink slip signed which guaranteed me the attendance for the missed classes. I feel that the reason could be that generally girls colleges have female lecturers and very few or none male lecturers. Even at home the daughters find it difficult to convince their mothers for something and it’s always easy to convince dads.I strongly believe this happens in college.We literally slog for our internal marks whereas my friends studying in co-ed colleges don’t submit their assignments and yet score more than us.

But who knows that this experience may be used in the future if we have to deal with strict bosses. Studying in a girl’s college makes you shed all your inhibitions, shyness and encourages one to come out of her shell. The regular workshops organized by the N.S.S and the Women’s development cell make you relate to all the problems people around us go through and give us an opportunity to help them directly. This instills the right attitude in us and which is important to lead a good life ahead.

Aishwarya Rangarajan

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