Life is a Poetry Unheard

There is a magical silence and an unusual intoxication in poetry. As a young kid I often took a stroll with my father who used to tell me about puny little facts of nature during our long walks and since then my understanding and love for nature and life became the foremost theme in most of my poems.

Writing not only unleashes an indescribable stress but also helps us regain that lost vitality. It is a medium through which we can speak our heart out, vent our emotions or just get lost in a different yet subtle world of our own with our own dreams and fantasies. But more often than not life hits you in the face like tones of bricks being hurled upon you and at that one moment you feel like abandoning this world, smother yourself with a blindfold or simply poison yourself as you don’t wish to live anymore. Your entire world falls apart. And yes most of us do tread the path of “suicide” and end up their desperately important life just because they didn’t get the life they wished for or may be the life they were living was not satisfactory enough to make them more contented and satisfied.

Well, when I see that happening only one thing kills me from inside, are we here on this planet just to be happy and fulfilled? Is that our only purpose? I must agree this is only our selfishness and not our selflessness that makes us take that giant leap or step for that matter. Yes the hollowness of our hearts and the worldly discord and enchantment have made us forget the meaning of this wondrously beautiful life and the reason why we are actually here.

Ever wondered why birds fly and we don’t? Oh yes one may quickly say, “Because, birds have wings” but did you ever think we are also blessed with the wings of imagination, wings of freedom, wings of contentment, wings of love to make our life worthwhile. We humans can also fly and soar high and reach a point where there is no room for conflict, friction, discord but only patience, perseverance and love.  With a lucid and positive mind we can conquer anything only if we have faith in ourselves because every answer lies within us not without. And suicide is a bold yet foolish work of those who have not introspected themselves over the years, who are simply unaware of the fact that their only triumph lies in believing and trusting themselves for who they are and not what they  can be.

Shakespeare said, “Where is love? It’s not hereafter. Present mirth hath present laughter”. I am a big fan of his work and this breathtaking quote says it all. Your present is actually what matters the most, ergo live it to the hilt and always keep the memory of halcyon days alive in your heart as your future depends on today. A few lines I wish to write …..

In my heart I wish to see
A world bright and full of glee
With peace and love between me and thee
A life worthwhile and tension-free.

Maria Zafar

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