Life is Good

When a pessimistic layman hears the term ‘life is good’, he will probably just laugh it off and ask you the question, ‘what makes it so good’? The opposite of this was what Bert and John Jacobs started spreading through their t-shirts since the year 1989. The initial stages of the brand, Life is good, were absolutely disastrous as the brothers had to face a lot of hardships, disappointments and ups and downs. They travelled across Boston and the east coast for 5 years trying to sell as many t-shirts as they could by going to college dormitories, hawking on the street and everything else to sell as much as they could, but were never that successful. They slept in their vans and took a shower only when they could. But the optimism and patience paid off for the brand ‘Life is good’ as they came across Jake. Jake had a simple catchy grin which articulated everything the brothers had gone through and believed in which later became the “life is good’ logo.

The first major break for ‘Life is good’ was in the month of September 1994 when there was a local street fair taking place in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They designed 48 t-shirts which were all sold off by late noon. After the success of the life is good sale, they started coming in the limelight with different retailers taking notice of these shirts which gained popularity overnight. Life is good quotes were light, humorous and also gave a strong message related to different issues. There are various Life is good festivals and charity programs which takes place every year which makes sure that the good vibes are always sustained within the company.

Life is good is one of the best selling brands within and around New England as they continue to charm their customers with new and fresh products coming in every new season.