Life Is

Some body told you life is a joke

It is an endless road with no end in store,

It’s a journey to Ithaca, with no purpose and no goal

That someone lied to you, that is all.

Life might not be what stories tell

It does have a purpose, might not have a goal,

Life amazes with its flaws and blemishes but,

It is certainly not what writers make of it.

Life is not a travelogue, it’s not meant to be looked and read

It is not a road trip for a treasure or something divine,

It is a ground for work and action to speak

A daily challenge bestowed on few to be brief

Life comes and goes in a jiffy

Treasure, savor and revel in every bit of it,

Make most of your temporal stay,

For when life is cut short, you may never know.

Don’t waste your life in search and goals

Life might not give you a chance again,

Love life like crazy and dance like dervish, when chance paves the way.

Life is for living and every inch of it

And like a famous bard once said,

“Live every moment as if it is your last”

Geetu Batra