Life like that

Tasteless taste of life, can’t live with or without
It’s all true or a mirage I have my doubt
The rain droplets on my window sill
I think of purpose of life until breath stands still
With friends I sit and chatter
Always it’s not the destination
At times it’s the journey that matters
You meet people then there is trust
But soon it all catches rust
But there is hope against hope
Life gives you strength to cope
If life fails then either rope or dope
Again something wants you to live
Happiness lies when you learn how to give
The best way to be happy
Don’t care when stocks are choppy
Get up move on
Else you’ll be gone
make use don’t let it pass like ab abuse
learn from mistakes make no  excuse
don’t wanna sound like a preach
don’t let anyone into your life creep
let all this in your mind seep
when they say live every minute
do it don’t be timid
times to be watchful
even you can’t pretend that you’re careful
world not a parking place
it’s a track and time to race
at the end of rat race
you might remain a rat
then relatives and friends in your world
use you as if you are a doormat
when angry sit and chat
don’t fight like wild cat
you may do good
but life just may give you wood
i have said whatever i could
now don’t just sit wearing that stupid hood
get up and do what you thought you would

Priyanka Gandhi