Lifestyle Disease or Diseased Lifestyle?

Darwin was absolutely right when he said that ‘It is the survival of the fittest!”.
Today the scenario is a ‘bit’ different and alarming. A bad tooth, stomach ache, obesity, food poisoning, diabetes, thyroid, polycystic ovarian disease, irregular menstrual cycle, hypertension, skin problems, hair fall, migraine, the list is everlasting.

Our lifestyle clearly determines the condition and wellness of our body. If we are not fit, life can be worst than hell. The kind of food habits we inculcate, a sound-sleep, hygiene, oral and dental care are the most important bullets one should take care of to live a healthy life.

But above all the most imperative thing is to be alert. A few minutes or moments of ignorance towards a health problem may cost us heavily in future. Any health problem requires immediate medication and attention to keep from the harmful consequences that the delay may impose upon the patient.

These days’ lifestyle diseases have taken a toll all over the world. Sedentary lifestyle at office, consumption of packed juices, caffeine, junk food, skipping of meals like breakfast and lunch, unhygienic habits, alcoholism, smoking, vigorous intake of unhealthy food, untimely sleep, hours of working in front of the computers and laptops, laser surgeries, etc. all invite and initiate lifestyle disorders and diseases.

Ignoring irregular menstrual cycles, increasing obesity, swollen appearance, feeling feverish for hours, feeling exceptionally weak despite consuming healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle is injurious and chronic for future. Such symptoms should be treated immediately, because some of these may be hormonal disorders, tuberculosis, diabetes, and hypertensive nature. Hormones take a good long time to rebuild, and hormonal treatment is a sluggish process, but thankfully it can be treated well.

Irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, polycystic ovarian disease are hormonal disorders which lead to amusing obesity, dormancy, weakness, fall in hemoglobin levels. Such problems should be taken to a gynecologist or an endocrinologist as soon as possible, and not be kept waiting, following obsolete homely tricks and medication.

Skin problems resulting from prolonged exposure in the sun, pollution, and hot-wet climate should also be taken to a dermatologist for medication, because if this lifestyle cannot be changed or prevented, then it must have a parallel medication throughout life to avoid any serious ailment.

The only solution to prevent lifestyle diseases is to change our style of living. A healthy breakfast, optimum amount of calories, good intake of water, consumption of fresh fruits rather than packed beverages, salads, proteins, green leafy vegetables, fiber, and above all mediation and exercise is the road to a healthy life. Regular health checkups and trying to be happy, curbing the tension and negativity to influence are minds is the key to lock lifestyle diseases.

Hence a diseased lifestyle paves the way for lifestyle diseases, and it is in our hands to stay fir and healthy to survive on earth as per the Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. An unfit mind and body shall always lead to tension and unwanted results in life, whereas a healthy mind and a fir body will give you the strength to fight the adversities of life.

Shefali Saxena