#LifeWouldBeBetterIf: What’s Your Fantasy?

Early this morning, I logged on to my Twitter account and found #LifeWouldBeBetterIf trending on the site. I am not sure how the trend started or if there is a particular reason behind it, but just scrolling down the page and reading what would make people’s lives better was pretty amazing.

The posts’ of Twitterati’s will tell you about people’s interesting fantasies; some crazy, some wild, some extremely sweet, and some are just hilarious.
Here, see what makes up people’s fancies these days:





Surely, all of these tweets brought you a smile, or perhaps even laughter. But I guess life would certainly be better if we stopped wishing and started acting on making our lives better.

It’s time all of us started living our “ifs”.

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source [The Viewspaper]