Little Things you Do…

So you want, I want, everyone wants the important things in life. The confounding part is that we don’t know just what that is. Just yesterday I thought of the proverbial “Genie in a bottle,” so to speak, it asked me to choose between peace and happiness. I was torn! Torn between what to select! One, I wasn’t sure if I really could do away with either of them, and two, do I really know the meaning of these? So I was covetous enough to think of having both. In short these exclusive choices are so very hard to make.

So yeah, I just deviated…It’s more like we all know what happiness is all about; it’s pervasive, it’s ubiquitous; but does it really have a definition. So identify happiness… a zillion adjectives will flash across the grey nodules in your head. Intellectual men, dotting the dust out of their cigarettes along with their adrenaline rush of work/ sports/ gaming/ music, and, intelligent women being classy and fabulous, fastidiously nip ticking their work along with their hasty line of liners/ glosses/ colognes; will halt, stop, pause and foment at this thought of defining the equivocation of the word “happiness”. At the end they will still be perplexed. It’s more like you go for an interview and answer a few questions to your wits out. And you are back lazing in your bed with an ear plug buried deeply in the groove of your ear and the other one hanging someplace to rest. And suddenly you jump out exclaiming ‘damn! I think, had I mentioned something else, it would’ve made sense.’ So someone asks us to define happiness, we say hmmm… perhaps a paperback novel and hot coffee, hiatus on a hill top, hot shower, chilled beer, graduating, money, scrumptious meals, long drives, culture, politics, religion, achieving that is desired… the list goes on. And then you get back to your usual routine, and some elusive feeling passes through you again and bang! You feel contradicting your earlier statement of being happy! Now that elusive feeling makes you happier. So you re-define your happiness. So, am I saying happiness keeps getting relative? But then, where exactly in time and space, is happiness located? Like in my kitchen, some corner of my wardrobe, outside my parking lot, under my shower, inside my laptop. Perhaps it’s none of these; perhaps it is subjective and subjected to the state of mind.

So we do articulate our mind and heart for that happy gratifying feeling. I read this line in TOI… “If you take control over your mind, you body will obey.” Later in the day, my father made me come across this 90/10 principle by Stephen Covey “10% of life is made up of what happens to you and 90% of it, how you react to it.” By and large you come across things, and things happen to you in that 10%, but in that 90% you can construct your sphere of happiness! If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could live in that sphere of glee.

So one doesn’t need to define happiness, one just has to identify with this ever so granular term, happiness. Delineate only the need, ‘to be or not to be’! As I begin to contradict myself, let me sip a nice cup of cold hazelnut coffee and read my paperback novel as I let happiness pulsate though this evasiveness. 🙂


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