Live in Relationship – Changing the Fabric of Society

Live in relationships today have become an accepted truth in our country. For some, they easily welcomed a change while others a forcefully adapted to a changing scenario. With only a few couples living together without a stamp of marriage decades ago, today we have millions of such couples living happily without caring about the world around them. “Salaam Namaste” was one such movie which exposed this kind of living to the masses.

The question is, why do couples go on to living together without getting married when the social fabric of  our society is up in arms against it? When a girl and boy love each other, why then can they not end up accepting the social institution of marriage. The answer coming from most of the youth is: It is always easy to move out of a bad relationship than moving out of a bad marriage. Live in relationships give each other time to be able to analyze whether the match is right for the other or not.

These days many youngsters are moving on to living together for a few months before marriage so that by spending time with each other they can realize whether lifelong adjustment would be possible. The recent Supreme Court statement that live in relationships are not an offence, has made the credibility of such couples a little better. Metropolitan cities and the educated class of our country has embraced this change but such relationships have always come under the scrutiny of a moral brigade which leaves no stone unturned to make them feel unwanted and unacceptable.

Apart from all this there is a lot of insecurity in such relationships.  Couples walk into live in relationships not knowing what the future holds for them. People say that something as pious as a female-male relationship cannot be substituted by live in relationships. This tends to increase the already prevalent use and throw custom of the society when no one takes responsibility for each other. But not to forget that it is responsibility and commitment that makes a relationship beautiful.

But the debates of whether the live in relationships should be legalized in our country or not have brought many anti groups, severely protesting against such a stand. A few years back when South Indian Actress Khushboo remarked in favor of pre marital sex, there were 22 cases filed against her. But now with the change in the attitudes of general public, they are becoming more liberal, this alien culture in India has started mushrooming across the length and breadth of the urban areas.

With this topic becoming the hot favourite of the media, they are trying to decipher whether such relationships are good or bad, what I feel is that these relationships should not be seen in derogatory manner but the couple should be mature and sensible enough to decide what level they would want to reach before they actually end up marrying.

Juhi Gupta

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