Live Out Your Passions!

There are times in life when you feel stuck in space and time. You move neither forward nor backward. You are just simply ‘stuck’. You may want to do a thousand things, but you don’t get down to it because you are unable to budge from the unyielding quagmire.

Time passes by, in seconds, in minutes, in hours, in days, in months and you are still there where you were before. You see friends, colleagues, seniors, juniors all moving on in life – doing this, doing that, going here, going there – and you feel even more foolish and alone.

A sense of laziness and withdrawal creeps into your system and bogs you further down. Deeper and deeper you sink into your cubbyhole of lethargy. And there you lay, dormant, counting each minute that goes by, knowing that you should be working on all those plans bubbling in your head but, oh, you just don’t feel like getting off the cozy sofa and ‘doing’ anything!

You shun friends, social gatherings and meetings, preferring your own company. Who has the inclination to get up, wash, dress, look nice, and engage in flattering conversations when one can just enjoy lazing around?

It seems like a good way to spend ‘me’ time. But is that what you are really doing? It may help to practice this withdrawal for few days to get back in tune with yourself, but for how long can you deny your desires and dreams that scream in vain while you casually browse through websites? Don’t they need to be expressed? Don’t they need an outlet? Don’t they need to be recognized?

Ideas, goals and passions – they are a part of you. They are among the qualities that define your very character and nature. If you keep shunning them, then you are shunning a part of yourself. A time will come when, if not given an outlet, these passions will seem to wither away and die. A void is left gaping in your character. A part of you gets scrubbed away, all because you didn’t take the time to listen to your dreams.

It is essential to understand that your innate urges are present in order for you to use them wisely and implement them from time to time. There may be times when you just don’t feel like it, and want to just pass time doing senseless things – well, go ahead and do that, but do not forget that you possess special talents that need your attention. You may feel that there are several others who have the same talent, but remember, others may only have ‘similar’ talents, but no one except ‘You’ has ‘your own’, your very own, special talent.

And that is why, as simple and as basic as the goal/dream may seem, you need to pamper it every now and then. You will be losing out on an essential part of ‘you’ if you keep it hidden beneath the layers of your soul. Express it, indulge in it, exercise it, display it, promote it – do everything in you to bring forward your ‘individual’ passions!

You may hesitate to start indulging in it, (it happens you know, you need a slight push), you can either get someone to motivate you or you will just have to challenge yourself to begin hiking towards your dream. Trust me, once you start there will be no looking back.

Once a day, every day, take small baby steps towards that goal. Plan a step-by-step method to reach it. You may face hard, rough times during this phase, but keep going on, because only then will you pick up essential lessons along the way, which will help you in other areas of life too.

As you inch forward toward your goal, you are provided an opportunity to view life through various shades – this helps develop your thinking, rationalizing and reasoning skills. Your mind harbours new information, new ideas, new strategies and new perspectives.

Always believe in your talent, in your goals and in your dreams – no matter what happens, you have them for a purpose. Only you will know that purpose. One day, someday, your dream will be realized. Then what, you ask? Well, look for another dream, another goal – life is filled with so many sparkling wishes – pick one and follow it. You will get to know yourself in this process.

One crazy dream can lead you to a dream-come-true. You never know!


She is a happy-go-lucky lady, who goes with the flow of life as it courses through high, rough terrain to soothing plains. Forever a learner, an eternal optimist [who whines now and then] but she gets back on her feet before you can say ‘Yikes!’ She is a true believer of the motto – “Whatever happens, happens for good.”