LoL: Laugh out Lifestyle

When we talk of lifestyle, we infer it to be something very classy and affluent which only a certain niche of society can afford to keep up. But is it true? These days television, magazines, radios, internet and practically any place you can imagine has people talking of a healthy lifestyle. Is health measured in the six-packs or the curves in one’s figure? Or is it intrinsic health that we are more concerned off?


For me, healthy living is a top priority; I am over-weight not because of over-indulgence, which we put our blame on, I had a minor thyroid problem and not many of us realize but, weight problems be it over or under is caused by thyroid level imbalances. A girl in my college was what could term “size zero” but, the fact was she had hormonal imbalance and do we term her healthy is my question to you? Sure she looked amazing and is probably trying her hand at some modeling assignments, but, she is sick, this is a sickness which will take a toll on her once the prime of her youth leaves her.


I may not be the best person to give anyone advice on how yoga or gymming helps as yet. But, I do remember this old Sanskrit fable in which when a lady approaches a hermit with her child and tells him her child eats a lot of sugar and if I stop him then he steals sugar from neighbors. The hermit asked her to come back after a month and then leave her child with him.


She comes back after a month and leaves the child with the hermit and comes back after a month to take him. The child does not crave for sugar anymore. The lady asked him why he asked her earlier to bring her child after her month to which the hermit replied “For I too ate too much sugar and seeing your concern for you child, I first overcame my craving and then taught your child to overcome his.” So, let me first get to my ideal weight and then I shall share my tricks with you all.


But, I won’t say I can’t give any advice to you, trust me I am Indian, I’ll give you on even if you don’t ask for it. So I just want to tell all those who read this is to LoL (laugh out loud). When was the last time you laughed like Sidhu? Try it, laughter cures a lot of things. Breakups, Shakeups, Joblessness, Stock market crash, car crash, stars clash, you name it and laughter cures it all. Think of it this way if Bush can do it even after screwing us all up, you can do it while you’re getting screwed.


Remember this, the moron never dies, for he is lovable that he has no enemies. So once you’re done reading some serious office stuff and pretending to understand ET while you’re still figuring why is the paper pink? Try reading something funny or watching cartoons.


So, all you need to do is LoL and don’t just type it, trust me life is too short to be serious. Now go on and google some of your favorite comic strips and LoL and do share it with everyone.


Ishaan Bhardawaj

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