London to New York in 59 minutes

The great thing about science and technology is that it keeps turning the impossible into a possibility. Who would have thought 30 years ago that one could make purchases sitting at home without having to go to the market? Who would have thought that one day man would reach the moon or replace an ailing heart? Science and technology make impossible things possible and even though right now it seems to be impossible one day it could be possible for people to stay in New York and work in London.

How will this happen? This is predicted to happen on completion of a magnetically levitated train that would travel at 5000 mph through a 3100 mile long Trans Atlantic tunnel which will be floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

The idea of such a structure was first floated by Micheal Verne, son of Jules Verne. It is estimated that such a tunnel will take approximately 12 trillion dollars to build. The tunnel would float at a height of 15 stories from the ocean floor and would consist of 54000 fabricated structures held together by 100000 tether cables anchored to the ocean floor. The tunnel will sway and move in sync with the waves of the ocean to avoid rupture. In case of a puncture, it will have locked down doors that will prevent the water from flowing in. To avoid death of passengers due to the high speeds the trains will be build with the latest G Force technologies and will also contain spinning chairs to reduce the effect of speed on individuals. The tunnel would be powered by electricity. It would take decades to build all the proposed 54000 sections of the tunnel. The tunnel will contain windows which will allow the passengers to have a view of the ocean. For the trains to travel at 5000 mph, the tunnel will have to have perfect vacuum which would be created by large vacuum pumps. The tunnel is proposed to contain three sets of tracks one from New York to London and one from London to New York. The third track would be an emergency track. The trains will travel one inch above the track as they would be magnetically suspended. It is estimated that it will take 1 billion tons of steel to build this project.

Some of the most enjoyable advancements in technology have been experienced in the transportation sector. From sports cars, to super bikes to jumbo jets to personal submarines people have experience the thrill and comfort of next generation travel. The creation of the Trans Atlantic tunnel will be one of the landmark events of the coming century. I hope that it happens within my lifetime so that I can experience the thrill of new age travel.

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