Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas- A Book Review

Synopsis: ‘I have finally made up my mind about my “problem”.’ ‘What problem?’ Aditi asked. ‘My virginity,’ I whispered into the phone. ‘Ah, that!’ ‘I’m serious. I need help.’ ‘Okay then. Let’s make it happen tonight, let’s de-virginize you! See you at the bar at 8, okay?’ Kaveri is thirty, single, knows seven languages, is an interpreter by profession, has read all the books about men and how to get a date. Yet, she has not been able to figure out the language of love.

Since the ‘THE ONE GREAT LOVE’ of her life has eluded her for thirty years and might never show up, she decides to take matters into her own hands. On her thirtieth birthday, she makes a resolution—love or no love, she is going to lose her virginity. Life, however, has other plans! This is a story of a spirited woman who plunges into a rollercoaster ride filled with ideas, ideals and adventures—each new day competing with yesterday to make her rethink and re-evaluate life and love.

My Take:

A captivating title, a twisted plot and ever changing protagonist- ‘Loosing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas’ is about a woman who is in search of ‘The Great Love of Her Life’. It starts with Kaveri wanting to make dire changes in her life to end up dating a series of men, some who bore her and some who break her heart. She comes with an exotic background and a profession that is unheard of, making her in turn an intellectual that intimidates men in general. She has some very moralistic ideas about love, marriage and sex. The prospect of those becoming bleak after a series of mishap dates.

She is the type of woman who wants to loose her virginity to the man who would ultimately love and marry her. What she finds herself is falling in love with a married man who makes no promises of marriage. Their relationship is not perfect and she decides she didn’t really like living with a man. Then she hops on to be on reality TV, only to thread of the path of physical intercourse with no strings attached.

Its a story about a quest of love and I come up with hoping that Kaveri finds one. Life, however is not as easy aseasy as it seems if you don’t want to compromise. Of course being in love with a man whom you have to compromise with is certainly not in the protagonist’s agenda. She longs for sexual freedom and hopes to find herself by ‘de-virginizing’ her status.

The narration is simple with no great monologues and you kind of enjoy the part where Kaveri and Aditi, her best friend bond. Mumbai, a city where friends are your family and Kaveri gives her friend the importance more than she gives her parents. Of course we shouldn’t forget that she is a thirty year old woman who loves her independence and has trouble accepting any adviseadvice. Aditi as a friend shows her support and gives the advice on ‘married men’ like a pro. Kaveri who knows that she’s the expertise on this chooses to ignore her words and in turn gets hurt in the process.

But does a broken heart wants you to go on a rampant hunt of guys and no longer adhere to what you wanted once? It raises many questions.

This novel has a certain cynical take on love, lust and marriage and it makes it refreshing change from all the romances that states a happily ever after. You could either fall in love with the protagonist or hate her for what she becomes in the end. Its an honest opinion about a woman who wants to enjoy her life and give herself a fair chance at being in love and find the man of her life. Whether she find it or not, it is for you to read and find out.

Rating- 4.4/5

Sonia Kundra

Sonia Kundra Singh hails from Hyderabad, India, a city that nurtured the writer in her. She has authored the sensational Novel – “LOVE ME IN THE END” that delves into the wry concept of arranged marriages in the modern context. Besides writing, she loves to travel and explore new places where she draws her inspiration from. She has an aesthetic style of writing that is so reflected in her novels and the characters within them.