Losing Touch With The Real, Slipping Into The Superficial


Have you ever seen a beautiful sunrise while sitting with a cup of coffee?  What was your first reaction upon meeting your favourite author? And how do you capture the priceless moments when you hang out with your best friends after a long and tiring week at work? The answer perhaps is through pictures, through check-ins, through tweets and of course, through selfies! How many of us pause for a minute and just let the beauty of nature sink in? We forget to ask questions about the latest book we’ve read or are excitedly waiting to read. Gossiping, discussing new ideas, a long nice talk, do we still do it?

How strange is it that in our preoccupation with the superficial, we have simply lost touch with  reality? Thanks to  technology, we prefer Whatsapp to a get together and Facebook to family functions. So, we do not get to complain about being alone even when there is no one actually around.

For most of us, travelling to new places means little more than clicking hundreds of pictures, instead of talking to the local people and finding out incredible hidden stories. From cosy and swanky hotel rooms, we let the world know we have reached a particular destination, but have we really?

The world is still as beautiful as it was 20 years ago, people still as intriguing, and cultures still as authentic & mystic. The only thing that is missing is our whole-hearted presence in the places we visit, the moments we encounter, the days we live.

No doubt, technology has made our lives better and brought us closer. We should use it to stay connected and up to date. The only straining part is that we let these innovations rule our lives. We let smart phones and tablets ruin moments which could be preserved in our hearts and not in our gallery.

We are not creating memories, we are creating folders filled with pictures of destinations we reached  close to, but never really got to be a part of. How beautiful it would be if we just cook horrible dishes with our friends, take long walks, see jaw dropping events and just wait few hours, few days or few seconds to announce it to the rest of the world (which really does not care much).

If only we knew what it meant to play basketball in the scorching heat with our girl gang or compose lyrics with our wanna-be musician friends. If only we remembered to live and not simply exist in places, if only!

Aditi Mishra

Image Source: [https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2706217773/]