It is quite strange a feeling to realize how emotions can play such a pivotal role in our lives, while the very reason behind the occurrence of such emotions do not capture our attention. Gain, achievement, success, power, thrill, happiness… our lives are so engrossed in obtaining one or all of the above to such an extent that we tend to forget that There is No Gain Without Pain, There is No Success Without Failure. Why do we do that?

Due to the fact that your gain is someone else’s pain and that your success is someone else’s failure (and at times vice versa). We are so caught up with the idea of ‘acquiring’ in general – whether it is love, money, power, position or appreciation; we completely ignore what is ‘lost’.

Loss, is a very silent yet major player in the chess game that is life. The reason of which is that when we recognize and survive loss, we always learn. We learn to pray, we learn patience, and we learn to move on. We learn to trust, we learn to improve, and we learn to accept…

It does not sound very convincing, but if you analyze your own life; yes, even these mere 18-20 yrs of life that you have lived can provide you with innumerable examples of how ‘loss’ has helped you grow.

Let us begin from the time when you were just a mere little toddler. All of us at that age have found one or the other toy/accessory dearer than life and then one fine morning, we ‘lost’ it. We cried, we howled and we struggled to find it, some did and others just finally gave up. That was our first taste of loss. It was painful no doubt, but did it or did it not help you to be able to ‘let go’? The next gift became even dearer and the old memories faded with time.

A little older and in the times of play schools or perhaps even the young scholarly days when every one is obsessed with fancy pencils and cases, some possessive about their bags and bottles, loss comes with a new face- it wears out. For some it is worse because it gets stolen! However, the loss makes you stand up against the ‘wrong’, find the culprit who stole your precious belongings. That is when loss helps us, yet again.

Further ahead, one becomes mature and those are times to understand the nitty-gritty’s of life—get a hold of the relationships. First the loud thumping and then in a while the heart break. A loss that teaches you the most important thing in life- to not expect when you can be capable of giving selfless love. Sadly, most people never understand the concept of ‘loss’ and even end up giving their lives. They lose out on a future and their families lose them. But life still doesn’t stop. Loss of others inspires some to write, others to adopt optimism or build reliance in time.

There are hundreds of expressions coined on how we tend to appreciate the ‘value’ of something we cherished only when we lose it. And yet, we never appreciate what ‘loss’ brings to us- a realization! It invokes the dormant feelings, the love and care we bury inside ourselves. Moreover, loss even brings about unity and togetherness. The loss of a nation’s hero – the soldiers are remembered by all, the loss (both physical and mental) of the victims of terrorist attacks(a very sad but harsh reality) brings the society together to each other’s aid.

Loss is not the reason for depression. It even awakens! Is not true that when you are lost, you make desperate attempts to find a way? Loss of power makes you strive harder. It makes you push your limits and reach the pinnacle. It can never be denied that loss does not hurt or that loss is not painful but it still does a lot in making you what you are as a person. And one truth that was, is and will always be is that no matter whatever your belief about your existence is (scientific, philosophical or any other), you will loose whatever you deposit materially when you die or transcend into the other world, unknown to you . Even your spirit might get lost.. So once in a while, when you have some time at hand, try and appreciate ‘loss’, it might just give you a little more peace of mind.

Meghna Baveja

[Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/cayusa/2432581783/]