Lost In the Herd

No two faces are exact duplicates, two thoughts can never be exactly similar, two opinions don’t exactly match, individual personalities are different, our interests differ, our choices vary, our ambitions, goals, likes, passion, skills all differ but still the majority of us dive into the same profession-needless to say ENGINEERING OR MEDICAL….

This fact amazes me so much that I have decided to pen down my views on it. It isn’t rocket science to identify the underlying reasons-Peer pressure, family pressure, hopes and expectations of relatives, the urge to follow the convention, the fear of dangers in the unconventional path, the factor of securing social and financial needs…and many such similar reasons…Agreed these are strongly influencing factors, but a question still expresses itself- Why can’t we venture on our own path?

Why can’t we chase the dreams we cherished in our childhood, why can’t we give direction to our passion…After all it was we who saw those dreams, those skills were our own innate abilities And does our nation really benefit from factory-like production of engineers and doctors?

I bet many of us would have faced similar thoughts and it’s a pity that most give in to the easy path -“The conventional path”. Little do they think about the consequences? And its quite understandable …An average human often thinks of the immediate. When confronted with two possibilities, it’s natural to opt for the easy way out. It’s natural to shirk away from challenges…

But there’s another side to this aspect-an argument, which I think is a very good example that humans can
justify anything in favor or against. The argument says that-isn’t it logical to take the easy path? Isn’t it wise to minimize inputs and maximize outputs?After all, the reasoning is based on thorough rational analysis of pros and cons?

A career decision needs to be made on mathematical facts and figures(the likely future scope, chances of growth, percentage of success in the field etc),what the hell are hopes, dreams, ambitions doing in this rational decision making. And moreover the fact that a vast majority prefer the select few professions is a testimony to the fact that they must be practically more advantageous.

The arguments fly thick and fast…What one feels is ‘LOST IN THE HERD’ scenario may look to another as ‘PROTECTION IN THE HERD’ scenario. The dilemma deepens and so does the decision making process!!
The situation needs a micro-analysis. The common perception that comes to the forefront is that ‘most need the security and protection of the‘herd’, and even if they don’t, they aren’t daring enough to carve out their own identity.

Only a handful are the brave heart souls who abandon the herd to nurture their dreams, knowing very well that this unconventional path will offer nothing but ‘challenges’.These truly passionate fellows give-up ease and take struggle, give up norms to invent ideas, give up the comfort of the masses and take the role of the solitary fighter…As the famous poet ‘Robert Frost’ said-‘The Road Not Taken’ is a path rarely traversed…and those who do have a single ambition-‘to satisfy their inner self, even at the cost of a million sacrifices…’

Rohit Singh