Lost Spirit in Parliamentarians

Jhaveri bazaar Bazaar opened soon after the blast.
The courts work but the Parliament shuts down…so while the spirit of Mumbai, Delhi carries on…has the
Parliament lost its spirit?

No doubt, the parliament has lost its spirit way beforelong ago. Ask any youth of today and no one will be able to say a single postive thing positive about our politicians and their working. Gone are the days when we boasted of leaders like Nehru, Gandhi and Patel. Our leaders today lack in integrity and spirit. They don’t command respect from their people.

Why is there is a rapid decline in the standard of Indian polity? Why do we not look at our politicians with awe? The answer is simple. – They deserve only ridicule. The proceedings in the parliament are atrocious and funny. I wonder at times as to how they can stoop to such levels? I detest the day when the whole world witnessed a bizarre event on their television channels.

Inside the Mecca of the world’s greatest democracy, the politicians behaved like bunch of children hurling abuses and even throwing their chappals, aiming them at each other. This was not the India, which Gandhiji had dreamed dreamt of. And this is certainly not the picture of my India, which I want to show to the rest of the world. I pity them and urge these parliamentarians and the so called elected representative to show some mercy towards my country.

Our country is in a pathetic state of affairs, thanks to these unruly politicians. Politics has become the best rescue of a criminal. We have more of black listed men there than in our jails.

Today when I heard the news that following a blast outside Delhi High court, the courts reopened shortly but the parliament closed down, I could not help but smile. Our parliamentarians definitely lack the spirit of the common man in India.

They work 3 times a year and still grab every opportunity to call off the day soon. Hats off…

Jyotsana Bhushan