Love…All Over Again

Love…ask people about it and each will give you their own definition, experience… infinite ways of talking a single thing! Actually sometimes…not even talking. A cliché way of putting it…a feeling!! What I am going to say here may not go down very well with everyone, but I know the majority would accept my views.

I saw this movie called Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind…ask me about love now and I’d say wanting to be in love with the same person even after your memories have been erased. To fall in love with this person again after once wanting to hate them.

The movie starts with an unlikely friendship between Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet…two opposites never meant to be in love. But then…magic!! Yes…they fall in love. Then
they fight, break up and each gets memories of the other erased. It’s called Lacunar amnesia…just the person and everything related to them is erased. During the procedure, in his mind…the hero fights as he’s losing each memory of his love. He tries to keep her safe in
his memory somewhere and most of the film is this.

Sadly, the procedure is a success though it goes haywire for sometime because of the hero’s effort. Now both the protagonists have no clue who the other is. Meanwhile using
the hero’s memories of the heroine one of the guys from the memory erasing company tries to make the heroine fall in love with him. He succeeds but not for long. Such a beautiful depiction that it’s not the things you do, you remember…but much more that makes you fall
for a person (true love…even if it’s hypothetical). A person is not just his memories.

So I thought if you love a person and then for some reason did not want to be with them any more…If you can get your memories erased, how will you know you won’t fall for
the same person again? It’s like love forever! And as I say this I talk of true love (if it exists and I’d very much like to believe it does!)

Also, let’s not narrow down the concept of love to just a person. It can be a thought, a dream, a thing…actually anything. How will you know? If you just don’t want it now and erase it completely, maybe you would want it again. I think we will. Because the person you are is a combination of many things.

Sometimes you may want to just get rid of a thought or a thing or a person or a part of yourself but you will want it again or at least you will never be the same person without it. So let us love life and embrace each part of it, each moment and that is much more than not wanting a part!!

I first thought of calling my article “love..forever” or “love…forever n ever” but hey, cheers to love all over again!!

Monisha Deepika