Love or Pay?

Yesterday, I came across one of my friend’s status on a social networking site. It spoke of her skills that are utilized by the job she is currently employed in but also how she hated that job because of its prolonged rota. I consoled her that she was not the only one who was into such a state. Right from the day my brain skilled me to understand intricacies of life, I learnt “LIFE IS A RACE.. IF YOU DON’T RUN FAST.. YOU WILL BE LIKE A BROKEN ANDA”. Yes. Life today has become a competition, all thanks to the booming population and the demand for various
skill sets.

When I look at the intrinsic smartness in kids of my neighbourhood, I don’t feel amused. It is the need of the hour and parents very well infuse this smartness in their kids’ right from day 1. Kids, who can bear this saddle, tend to be bright in studies and other activities. Slowly the need to win becomes infused in them and they become blind victims who are bothered just to perform.

In the entire process, dreams start inculcating in the young minds, many of which may be out of the box but get crushed just because they won’t pay much. Thus they are forced to adapt to other dreams whose burden they have to carry for the rest of the life.

The youth is clueless of what they are doing and why they are doing. This sarcasm is best revealed in an interview session which involves big fat pay cheque. The interviewee hardly holds any thorough knowledge on the topics studied and when questioned, keeps beating around the bush. Expectations fail and career becomes slavery.

The youth is often termed as useless with no ambition or dream in their life but is it not true that their dreams were trampled by the cruel society?

Sherin Johnson