Love Story: A Review


Erich Wolf Segal, the creator of the 1970 New York Times bestseller Love Story was an American author, script writer and an educator. Love Story was his first most acclaimed book. This book was converted into thirty-three languages and was even made into a motion picture. It ranked at no.1 at the box office attraction and even had a sequel called Oliver’s Story. The book is about love sparks between a Harvard jock and a Radcliffe beauty. Segal suffered from Parkinson disease and died in 2010. His other known books are The Class and Man, Woman and Child.

The book is a work of non-fiction carrying essence of his Harvard graduation. The book is funny, touching and infused with wonder. It makes you laugh and cry as your heart goes out to its endearing protagonists Oliver Barret and Jennifer Cavilleri.

Oliver Barret IV comes from a family of stones and wood. The Barrets are extremely rich while Jenny’s father sells pastries in Cranston, Rhode Island. Oliver is on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law while Jennifer is studying music major at Radcliffe.

The two meet in the Radcliffe library and immediately the opposites attract each other sharing a love that has the audacity to stand up to the families and society yet will end soon enough. They defy all norms and customs to be happy together when Oliver asks her to marry him. The next three years Jenny works as a teacher to support Barrets’ studies, dropping her dream to learn with a famous music teacher and flying to Paris. They now scrounge to make ends meet as the rich Barret family severed all ties with them.

Three years later Barret has made into the Law Review and has the offer from the most prestigious law firms. Now they have each other’s love and are nouveau riche yet the end is teary as it rips one heart apart to see the misery of the protagonist.

I give the book four stars out of five. It is delightfully engrossing as it unfolds the love, fights and fears of a young couple. The storyline is carved with memorable characterizations and a delicate sense of comedy. The story is immensely appealing and will linger in your heart long after you’ve read it. It shows how young couples are vulnerable to love and when they strive for it they can change the autocratic society which does not understand love.  The book is elegantly written with its own nuances which catch the readers’ humor. The tagline shows the depth of the book which says “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

The book shows that love has the potential to change one and all, as it changed the protagonists. The stuffy jock became a caring husband and the stubborn beauty gave up her dream for their love. They didn’t go for football matches or movies nor did they go for dinner. They cut themselves from friends and society obligations just for a few moments of togetherness.

The author has successfully enchanted its readers with a book which is a vortex of emotions and provides just the right anecdote to their curious and thirsty hearts.

Cherry Aggarwal

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