Love Success, Then Live Your Dream


So, how many of you love, I mean have a real passion for what you do? If you are an engineer, do you love being that? If you are a doctor, do you cherish every moment of being a doctor? The list can go on. If you love your work, this article is not for you. This is for those who are forcibly, monotonously and reluctantly doing their job. I pity them. Some of them do it for money, some for honor and some are too afraid of doing something different. But are they to be really blamed for this? I don’t think so. Majority, if not all, of the engineering students pursue a career in it only because of the pay at regular intervals or because of their families.

I can say this with complete liberty as I am an engineering student myself. It’s all about following the tradition. In our nation, an engineer always dreams of his child becoming an engineer and when he realizes that it is not going to be so, he is heartbroken. Children, on the other hand, are taught to do what their parents tell them to and hence follow the old custom of becoming an engineer or a doctor depending on the tradition of the family. C’mon stop it! India already has the third largest pool of engineers and doctors in the world.

There are other fields too like arts and sports, when are we going to raise our standards in them? Imagination is the mother of all invention right? So who can imagine better than an artist? So parents please stop pressurizing your child, let them do what they love, because mental satisfaction is the thing we all thrive for and you are always mentally satisfied when you do what you love the most. It is almost like as if a war is going on between the parents to decide whose child is more intelligent and more likely to do well in science, and the victims of this war are the children.

Students should not follow the old traditions if they do not suit them, don’t be scared. Your parents just want you to be successful in life and trust me, if you do what you love you will always be successful. Ask Bill Gates, the man because of whom I can type this article! But this doesn’t mean children can laze around the whole day saying they love that. Look for a talent, it’s there in everybody, you just have to discover it and you will find it while doing your daily chores. But be careful as to not to ignore it. Because when in need, everyone and everything comes handy.

Secondly, people spend their life doing monotonous jobs. When they die, they are remembered by their friends and families. But for how long? One year, two years, three years at the most five years, that’s it. Have you forgotten Leonardo DaVinci or the Wright brothers? Have you forgotten Jesus Christ who lived 2009 years ago or King Ashoka who lived 2000 years before Christ? Well, if you ask me these numbers are a little greater than F-I-V-E.

Get up, do something so that the world remembers you even after you die. Leave behind a story worth telling, writing and listening. Let your successors live with pride, become their identity. Let your name become immortal, let people name their babies after you. Let yourself dream of making it big one day. You can do it, everyone can. All you have to do is trust your abilities and yourself. Remember, every stone has the potential to be carved into a masterpiece and every sculptor has the potential to carve it into one.

To quote Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” and are called the Mahatma. Don’t be scared of being famous and popular, it’s not a sin. You don’t have to be a celebrity though. But there are ways of becoming a big person and ultimately popular enough to leave a mark. Jack the Ripper was famous and so was Mother Theresa. Hitler was famous and so was Mahatma Gandhi. Do you get my point? Now, if you combine my above mentioned points, you can become a big person by doing what you love. It is very much possible, it just requires patience and hard work, something you require to become an engineer and a doctor too. You have examples from William Shakespeare and J.K Rowling.

This proves that if you do what you love you become a great person and you even earn also quite  a lot. So, I would conclude by adding two things: Do something to make your name immortal and do what you love, otherwise you will have to end up loving what you do.

Sachin Jalan

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