Love Tourism

They say ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and they are right. Well, India is poised to make a breakthrough into a new kind of tourism after its hugely successful ‘Health-Tourism’ or ‘Medical-Tourism’ its yes Ladies and Gentleman, ‘LOVE TOURISM’, where tourist would supposedly ‘tour’ a place to express their love to their partners outside their homes. The only fair being exodus of Indians (unlike medical or sightseeing tourism in India)

Thanks to the ubiquitous, self-proclaimed ‘moral police’ across India that laid a ban ob P.D.A(Public Display Of Affection).The latest being the Darjeeling incident where even a married couple was not allowed to hold hands in public by the GJM, lest the act should corrupt others morally. As if the people from the land of Vatsyayan are that ignoramous .Paradox never had a such brilliant example! And of all the places if couples don’t get romantic in Darjeeling then where?

By and large moral police has taken up this job of preserving ‘Indian Culture’ which they feel like the last generation of Dinosaurs is imminent to perish. Well, holding hands is a no-no(forget about kissing!) but researchers show that even being with your male friend (applies for both genders in the Indian context) can draw the ire of moral brigade. And yes, we do have an official state police meant to protect our democratic right but now, c’mon, its actions are as nebulous as the capital city’s manholes-split wide open. And one thought ,we had a government too to keep a check on such ‘National Volunteers’.

Bad and Ugly it might seem, but look at the business propositions and government’s iron-will to eradicate unemployment and things would start unfolding into a rosy prospect. First of all, almost all the political parties would hire people to keep a check on vitiative coupus.Many private agencies with government aid may also flourish to supply ‘Moral police’ officers.Even the regular police can have a ‘moral branch’ as the ‘crime branch’ ;(remember operation ‘majnu’).

But the greatest of them all, the idea that is poised to eradicate unemployment for once and all is ‘dhan-te tan’

(background music)-‘LOVE TOURISM’. Yes, travel agencies can organise to yours tours especially for couples who want to hold hands while walking in the rain, or watching the sunset; or simply want to whisper sweet nothings. The tours would cater to different tastes , age groups, budgets,etc.

Government could come up with its own board like ‘Indian Board of Love Tourism’ and could establish ties with countries.Exploring love could be the greatest tool to abridge and re-inforce National ties.And of course the host nation should not be hostile to love.Given the large number of quintessential Indian lovers,the the business is poised to be the next booming industry.

In these times of terrorism, economic tepidity, open manholes, ever increasing traffic issues etc.,what people wanted was a touch of hand,warmth of care,the cheerful and happy atmosphere.But nevermind such trivial issues,and keep in mind the bigger picture. And hope Europe doesn’t draw any inspiration from the Indian model.Folks! good times are imminent. Summon the entrepreneurs of India and let India become rich in wealth(though poor in love); Well, what an idea Sir Ji!

Manish Thakur

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