LOVE: The New Bittersweet Symphony

love2.jpg Love: the technical or rather literal definition as per Oxford dictionary is-’a very strong feeling of affection’ and then there are other different meanings to follow. What has compelled me to write on this topic is a recent piece of news that I heard –A supposed lover attacked his love with scissors and then hurt himself and both the youngsters ended up on hospital beds for treatment.

This appalling incident made me think – ‘What’s wrong?’ .The problem lies in our treatment with the notion of love. Strangely enough our society doesn’t approve of Love as a relation in its entirety. One needs to have a predefined relation to love something or someone. I believe it’s quite sad though, that we are made to understand love as our society approves of and not as it exists.

We never seem to define the boundaries of hatred, prejudice, ignorance then why is it that we feel the need to portray love within rigid bounds!!

Love to me is a Relative emotion. Surprisingly in some way even the actions of fundamentalists in our society or the so called anti-social elements, are influenced by love. It’s the love for their belief, community, pain, wounds, past etc. that makes them let go of rational behavior. The soldier fighting on the front loves his country and his fellow men, family that makes him fight in the most adverse circumstances.

It is the love for writing that brings out the bestsellers from great authors. It is the love for nature that has led to the formation of councils and organisations to protect the beauty of our planet .For others it is the love of their own life that they are trying to save the environment from further degradation.

So love is not just a romantic relationship between a man and a woman or a boy and a girl or even the same sexes. Love is an evolving emotion that exists within every individual. To humans superiority has always been dear . We are no doubt superior to the other beings on this planet and one of the important things that makes us superior is the power of expressing love. The crane is a beautiful bird and it dies if left alone(they are always a pair). The crane cannot express the love inside .But we can. Love is not about being selfish or possessive. It is about being able to let go; let go of corruption inside us, let go of ill thoughts for others, let go of pessimism, let go of the darker side. Love is to light; lighten self to being selfless, compassionate ,igniting passion for good cause and to make our life and other’s life, worth living.

So let us not appreciate the new symphonic form that Love has assumed but let us appreciate Love as it is; inside us.

Meghna Baveja