Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting requires low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures, which in turn requires a low voltage transformer for its operation. Low voltage landscape lighting fixtures are designed and modulated in a way to attain the required lighting effect to help you get the best glaze and glare from the object that has been lit up. Low voltage landscape lighting is the future of lighting technology as their usage leads to major savings in energy and also does not emit too much of heat. This leads to a safe and eco friendly usage. The LED’s and other technologies used to develop the low voltage landscape lighting lasts longer and hence lesser wastage of resources. The low voltage landscape lightings can be used with various materials as mountings fittings and fixtures such as brass, stainless steel, glass, plastic and porcelain, copper, aluminum, etc. The LED can be used in any shape or design as they themselves come in different types of bulbs that vary from 3mm packages to halogen-sized bulbs. Their intensity depends on the number of bulbs used together or the materials used in the making of the bulbs. The best part of using LED’s for low voltage landscape lighting is that the sockets of the fixtures do not need to be replaced for different types of bulbs. Hence, the LED’s can be used in different places. The LED’s used in low voltage landscape lighting come in various colors like red, white, blue, yellow, green etc. Therefore, the lights can be placed accordingly in different parts of the house depending upon the persons taste and demands.

There are various low voltage landscaping lighting kits available which includes various products and accessories that can be set up in and around the house. Various low voltage landscape lighting manufacturers such as Malibu lighting, Hadco lighting, Kichler lighting, etc manufacture these kits and other low voltage landscaping products.