Lust and greed

One of my hostel maid’s husband committed adultery. When she was asked she tearfully replied, “I cannot risk my child’s security by confronting him. Let him fulfill his insatiable desires. I will not interfere in his work.”I was dismayed at her helplessness and at the same time disgusted with her husband.

Human beings (especially men) have no limit to their desires. It is for this precise reason constable Michael Sanguinetti does not want women to ‘ be dressed like sluts’. He is unsure of the level of control men have over their hormones.

A man who tries to ‘drape’ a woman is secretly fantasizing to ‘rape’ her.

I ,for my part, will endorse Michael’s advice if I  find any evidence of a correlation between a women’s dress and her chances of being victimized. Any woman in India would have had an experience to prove that a woman clad in clothes from head to toe is equally likely to be ‘eve-teased’ and ogled at by men than any other woman.

The word ‘slut’ has negative connotations. But we fail to realize that a commodity sells because it has buyers for the same. Ostracizing only the ‘sluts’ reeks of hypocrisy when the buyers are equally condemnable.

Indian males vehemently criticize Mallika Sherawat and the likes and secretly revel in watching their movies. They are truly a study in contradiction.

We ingrain in the psyche of young boys that they are superior to their female counterparts and that the girls are meek and tame. And by this reasoning we explain the imposing of numerous restrictions on girls. When clearly the very fact that the boys are allowed to roam around freely and do as they please with impunity is the reason why girls need to be concerned about their safety.

Males should be given a class in social and public behaviour. They have to be taught the virtues of ‘self restraint’. Cutting the tree does not solve the problem. It has to be rooted out.

Mridusmita Choudhury