Luxury Exhilarates, Reality Dominates!

The automobile industry has been undergoing constant innovation be it in the area of safety, comfort, style, elegance, or luxury. Thanks to the right blend of small and big players flooding it, this massive industry has witnessed some applaudable technological advancements, surprising cost reductions coupled with an astonishing price inflation.. Whether you are an average bread earner, or the ‘fat’ man distributing it, there is a plethora of choices for all in the flourishing consumer market.

The high-end automobile market enjoys the experience and class of Germany’s Audi with the Audi 4 winning the title of ‘Car of the Year: 2006’, Mercedes-Benz with the recent launch of its CLK-Class. The CLK 350 is a super luxury car with a six cylinder engine, bears a sporty look, a price tag of Rs 60 lakh and can apparently accelerate to up to 100 kph in 6.4 seconds. Another alluring beauty in the league has been the convertible. They sport an elegant design and an exclusive compactness coupled with swift handling. It is a feast for the eyes to see them change into a completely new design over the same wheels by the touch of a button. Many of the BMW’s luxury cars go above Rs 1 crore, and carry a unique aura with them. The M3 Coupe, for example, sports a fibre-glass top instead of a metallic one. Volkswagen with its Passat priced between Rs 22 and 25 lakh and two more models, Phaeton and Jetta, priced at less than Rs.15 lakhs offer a cheap alternative for enjoying the comforts and prestige of a luxury car. These ‘luxuries on wheels’ come with an appealing package of plush interiors upholstered with premium leather hides, cushioned seats, easy user controls on the steering, temperature control, auto-pilot feature, auto-detachable airbags (ensuring safety in case of an accident) and much more.

The Auto Expo 2008 showcased an explicit variety of automobile designs be it sports, vintage, commercial or the supreme class. There existed no dearth of options in large segment category with as many as 10 luxury cars unveiled, sporting a wide range of features and extravagant prices. The passers-by were in for a treat with players like Mercedes, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, BMW and many more setting the stage for a dream ride. A suitable alternative to go high on style, uniqueness, and customization has been the slowly catching trend of modified cars and bikes. Though this might convey an impression of being cost-effective and easy substitute for high-end wheels, but here too stakes increase exponentially as one goes in for bigger brands like Dilip Chhabria(DC).

It might not be new to quote that ‘Luxury comes with a price tag’ but sometimes the price tag might overburden you with the responsibility of sustaining the value of the luxury, overshadowing the ‘comfort’ associated with its use. Though a bleak glance of sheer luxury is enough to entice your senses, captivate your heart, and draw you forward, but eventually it is your mind that sorts out the mess, and brings you back to the ‘real’ life with the price tag waving you ‘goodbye’ and wishing ‘sweet dreams’. And that is why luxury exhilarates, mind retaliates and reality dominates!

Ishant Arora

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