Luxury Handmade Soap

You absolutely cannot compare mass produced soap to luxury handmade soap. The process followed by mass produced soaps is long drawn and leads to loss of all essentials any soap should have to lend your skin a bright glow and refreshing feel. Mass produced soap rob the soap of all its moisturising properties and glycerine content. Not to mention the chemicals they use usually lead to giving your skin a dry and worn out look.

Why go in for mass produced soaps when you can get your hands on the best luxury handmade soap available in the market today. Most luxury handmade soap are made using the cold process method which ensures that all the essential oils that are important to give your skin a healthy glow remain intact.

There are a number of brands that hand make and sell luxury handmade soap in the market today. However there are some, who just label them as handmade soap, but in reality they are mass produced. Keep an eye out for the fakes and go with brands you can trust when it comes to luxury handmade soap.

Luxury handmade soap are known for their rich creamy lather and their components of essential oils, aroma therapy blends, various natural ingredients like plant extracts and plant oils. These are mixed together with the help of the cold process method and embellished with dried flowers to give it some more fragrant appeal.

So, if you are in the market and looking for luxury handmade soap, make sure you do your research as to which brands are authentic providers. Also read up on the various fragrances that are available and pick and choose ones that can help your life breathe anew. Luxury handmade soap are made from all natural ingredients and are filled with exotic aroma that can fill your senses with magic and leave you feeling light and refreshed all day.

We wanted our natural handmade soap to be as pure and authentic as possible, soapmaking from scratch from fine plant oils and extracts, botanicals, organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends and essential oils. Our luxury handmade soaps are created entirely by hand in North Wales using fine natural ingredients from all over the world and are generously formulated to be rich, mild and long lasting. Our handmade soaps are decorated with dried flowers and botanicals or stamped by hand. We are very proud of our handmade soap and handmade toiletries, and have never been tempted to skimp on ingredients and processes.

All of our botanical soaps are made with a blend of tropical nut butters and exotic oils, no animal fats are used. Rich silky lather and aromatic blends of pure essential oils or fragrance oils give you the luxury of handmade soap with all of the natural skin soothing glycerin left in.

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Each of the soaps listed below average 3 ounces by weight. To read a full ingredient list, click on the particular soap you are interested in.