Macneal Cardoza Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. P.M. sir,

Cricket has been the favorite sport in India for many years. But because of this all other sports are being ignored. A lot of money has been poured in cricket. Cricketers are being treated like Gods. But do they deserve it?? I don’t think so. Hockey being our national game, we are lagging behind. Not many people are bothered about it. The question is, why?? It’s simply because cricket is so hyped here. India has immense talent. Many of us Indians are very good at football but why can’t we make it to the world cup??
Because we don’t have good fields to play in. The quality of football fields in India is pathetic. I feel so sad to say this. India does not even have official U-14 and U-16 tournaments. Footballing legend Luis Figo himself said that it is a necessity. Talking about other sports, India won the carrom championship but had no transportation of any kind. The same is the scene in Olympics. Even China beat us. Is this because they are better than us?? Or has God bestowed them with superpowers? No it’s just the training and the technology. Why can’t Indian athletes have that?

These facts are saddening. Why is all this happening??

Because all the money and attention is focused on cricket. These facts have caused a personal hatred for cricket in me and many of us.

All I want to say is that all sports should be given equal attention. This will only cause the name of our country to shine among the others. I know India is not poor. Even if half the money invested in cricket is diverted to other sports, India will improve drastically.

Yours truly,
Macneal Cardoza
(a caring citizen of India)

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.