Made in Heaven

Marriages are made in heaven. But then something must have been gravely wrong with the department. It forgot to make companions for diabetic patients. Surprisingly for a nation known as the diabetic capital of the world most of the people have apprehensions about it.

Today almost thirty five million Indians are diabetic out of which at least half are under thirty years of age. Still young people are facing difficulty to get a life partner. Not only finding a companion but many marriages have faced problems because of it.

Most people don’t even know what diabetes is all about. That makes it even scarier. Diabetes is not a disease. It’s not even communicable by touch or sharing same washrooms or towels. It is a body condition in which either there is less production or lack of proper response to insulin hormone in the pancreas.

Insulin is important for us because it helps cells absorb glucose for converting into energy. But with medicines and exercise all this can be taken care of.
Many women were sent home when found out that they were diabetic. Some eventually died as lack of treatment and care which lead to complications. Even parents feel the heat. In case of a girl parents feel even more scared as India still is male dominant  so whether they will accept the girl or not. Often parents think they would have to pay more dowries for their daughters. Even educated people hesitate. Working professionals find it tough to get life partners… Fear of healthy children grip the hands of many people towards diabetics.

More than diabetes, the social stigma attached with it kills the person. Being diabetic is not a crime. Many myths like people with diabetes catch cold flu easily. They can’t eat sweets anymore. They are not healthy, they can’t work. These questions haunt a diabetic. So much so it breaks the confidence of the person to an extent he/she thinks themselves to be embarrassments.

Living with diabetes only demands little discipline.  A little control doesn’t mean compromise on life. A person with diabetes can work equally as anybody else does.  They can go out have fun like others. They can love like anybody else can and even have healthy children like others. There may be diabetic next to you in office, your neighbour, your friend, your teacher, your boss, your favourite actor, your favourite cricketer may be diabetic. They all look and work fine. Kamal Hassan, Wasim Akram, Gaurav Kapoor and many more popular personalities are diabetic.

These days diabetics can have sweets. They are no longer ‘off limits’ as it is for non diabetic people. With healthy diet and exercise life can be fun.  And healthy diet and exercise everybody should follow in routine life. Many diabetic matrimonial site have also come up. They have proved some solace but a lot more needs to be done in society to obsolete the stigma attached towards it. It’s not fault of a person that he/she is a diabetic. They too have a right to live their life happily.

Priyanka Gandhi