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According to a latest study conducted, India has emerged as the top spam sender in Asia even ahead of China, Korea and Japan. India is also globally ranked as the seventh largest spammer in the world accounting to four percent of the total spam.

Trend Micro a company that provides internet security through Anti Virus and Anti Malware programs conducted this study wherein india emerged as the top spammer in Asia. China comes in second at 3.39% followed by the Republic of Korea at 2.57 percent. But if you consider the global figures India is still some way behind the top spammer of the World- The Russian federation with more than eleven percent of the total spam. The United States of America comes in a close second at nine percent. In fact if you consider the BRIC countries that is Brazil, Russia, India and China then they together are responsible for one fifth of the total spam on the internet. Asia accounts for almost seventeen percent of the total spam.

Unsolicited commercial e mail and unsolicited bulk e mail qualify as the internet spam. These days the volume of spam is so high that it is more than eight percent of all the internet traffic. Spam stands at a staggering one hundred billion e mails every day as per the data of April 2008 and this figure would have only risen exponentially since then. Though most of the sites that offer e mail accounts have strict filtering in place, spam still continues to invade the inboxes of innocent people every day. In fact almost eighty percent of the total spam on the internet is sent out by less than two hundred spammers.

Spam refers to the unwanted mails from unknown people that you catch in your inbox every day. They could be advertising or promoting anything. Though most of them advertise adult, financial, health and leisure products. The spam industry in itself is a large industry and it is believed that almost there are ten percent chances of people buying stuff that is being advertised through spam. A few years back there wasn’t enough filtering available though most of the e mail accounts web sites now have a much tougher procedure in place to segregate spam from the other mails.

There are programs in place that search the internet for e mail addresses. Chat rooms, forums, blogs, web sites are thoroughly searched by the programs to generate a list of valid e mail addresses. The spammers send mails to these valid e mail addresses as well as invalid ones related to these valid e mail addresses. For example if the e mail address found by the program is [email protected], the spam is sent to john17, john 27…. To john [email protected] Though many battles have been fought in court all over the world, it has become almost impossible to get rid of the spammers.

Gary Thuerk is credited with sending the first spam e mail in the year 1978 to six hundred addresses who were the users of Arpanet though due to limitations the mail was received only by about half the number of people. Microsoft founder Bill Gates receives four million mails a year most of which are spam. But the recent study shows that India is now a top spammer in the world and hence the next time you receive a spam mail in your inbox remember that it could be sent by some one with in your country and not necessarily from some one in the States or Russia.

Shishir Shrivastava

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