Mademoiselle, what can I call you?

Two feminist associations want to end the differentiation between “Mademoiselle” (Ms.) and “Madame” (Mrs.) imposed on women filling out official documents. One French (female) commentator takes the issue with this latest so-called battle for women’s liberation.

This is all they could come up with; she ought not to be known as per her marital status? When 80% of the low paying jobs are blown by French women, they pick this fight to battle? What French do, and how they do, I clearly have no say in it, however in the name of feminism and equal rights women certainly have scared and offended men! When the likes of Christy Turlington are helping every mother count, some self-proclaimed French feminist did not care to cry about the other serious issues that Kim Willsher has already highlighted.

Feminists even had problem with the London Playboy Club that reopened after 30 years. However, they do not have any problems with the strip clubs that can easily be found on every high street here? I find this discrimination rather shallow, you pick and choose the handsome, rich of the lot and blow the whistle when you like? As per the article I read in Marie Claire and then blogged about it here, the women wishfully interviewed to be the Bunny Bum. Some even left a high paying, well-respected corporate jobs. who am I kidding well respected corporate jobs?

The recent trends in the name of feminism choke me to death. Feminists have lost the shine, exactly how animal rights activists have, after getting Pamela Anderson to un-dress for PETA. With all due respect, we all know how seriously she is taken, and how seriously the likes of Rakhi Sawant our very own Pamela Anderson are taken. PETA picks, ‘boobiest’ of the lot but not the ‘brainiest’.

Everywhere women are treated as sex objects and some do so wishfully. Some even make the mockery of themselves by promising to run naked if the nation wins the World Cup. To me, all these feminists who draw the first blood by mocking the seriousness of the issue, are as foolish as the animal right activists who think people will stop eating meat by looking at the tanned silicon popping skin.

All these, I-am- a-feminist-listen-to-me, I-am-a-woman-respect-me horn blowers will not be able to change the preconceived notion of the already- offended male dominated society. The slut-walks, the I-can-wear-pants-too attitude, are not going to lead anybody anywhere. Women are powerful, women are women, whether they are better than men or not, that itself is a stupid question.

Why do women have to prove anything to men? We all are humans first. I do understand and acknowledge that women have suffered a lot from time immemorial. However you do not have to compete with men or prove a point. If a man does not wear his wedding ring, or smear his forehead with sindoor that doesn’t make him less of a man or if you wear it wishfully, that doesn’t make you more of a woman. These are personal choices one makes.

Now coming back to Ms, Mrs, Miss. Some even challenged why they should change their family name after they get married, men do not do so. Well, don’t change it then. When you can live with the man, have sex with him, call his parents mother & father, and cook for him, what is wrong in accepting his family name? If the whole idea of marriage sucks so much to all you feminist-terrorists, then why bother getting married?

After all you are getting married to a man at the end of the day and that should infuriate the fame hunger feminists we see these days. They do not want to learn self-defence, they do not want to be safe and protect themselves, they do not want to keep a pepper spray in the bag, however they want to undress and do the slut walks to prove a point. Burn your bras if you will, you are only ridiculing the meaning of a woman by limiting it to her breasts. Women have much more to offer.

And by the way, men are getting raped by men in Africa and their women leave them when they come to know of it, now does that bring a smile on your face Mademoiselle?

Chintan Gupta

A human, a woman and a writer! She loves everything extravagant and exaggerated. She is petite with not-so-petite dreams. She works for money and write to live. All-in-all, a woman with a strong opinion and fire inside! She blogs at