Mahak Swami Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. PM,

We all are aware of the evil practice of female foeticide, prevailing in many areas in India. A large number of Indians and social activists have already started their efforts to stop this heinous crime against humanity. But, female foeticide is not the only crime against the females. The treatment most of the girls and women receive in Indian society is also not fair and impartial. A large number of parents shower all their affection upon their sons and the daughters don’t get even a meagre fraction of it. Many parents don’t allow their daughters to drink milk as it is exclusively for their sons, as they drink. Problems like EVE TEASING, DOWRY and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE are just the tip of the iceberg.

Sincerely hoping that you are able to tackle these issues,
Mahak Swami
Student, Miranda house
Delhi University.

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.