Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Captain Courageous


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Captain of Indian Cricket Team, in two formats of the game, One Day Internationals and T-20 cricket, is a name to reckon with in world cricket. Captain Courageous, Captain Cool, Subtle Leader and many more are the names in which he is addressed, and talked about. He is factually, statistically and also in popularity, the best captain of Indian Cricket Team.

The rise of this small town boy of Jharkhand, to the biggest platform of cricket has been both phenomenal and awe-inspiring. He for the first time came in limelight with his smashing knock of 183* not out against New Zealand, more for the way he made runs than for the number of them. He was aptly named as the Explosive batsman by media and fans alike. But his further innings confirmed, that he wasnt any one time wonder, he was here to stay!

More than his batting, his temperament and the way he went about his job, gave him an entry into the hearts of millions of Indian Fans. He was always cool as cucumber, in any situation, as if the much talked about pressure of the game, was absent for him. This quality, soon made him the Finisher in the Indian batting side. Along with others, he has played many memorable finishing partnerships, that saw India home in many matches.

With the debacle in 2007 World Cup, the team saw many changes, one of them was the making of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the Captain of  the Team. This move was criticized because of the fact that Dhoni was still very young in the front of the likes of Dravid, Sehwag etc. But he proved his worth with each match and was gradually accepted in this new post. Then, came the greatest  high of his career, Twenty Twenty World Cup, that saw India as the Champion. The Indian Team went into the tournament as underdogs, as they were going with a team that had the biggest stars of the decade missing, that is to name, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid. But it was due to some great out-of-the-box captaincy by Dhoni that saw India as the First ever Twenty-Twenty World Cup’s winner.

Another major captaincy magic was shown by Dhoni, in realizing the fact that the team needs new young stars, before the old stars fade away completely. This led to the formation of a very strong bench side for the team. In today’s scenario, the team faces the dilemma of whom to choose among the many players, rather than having a crunch of talent , that is usually present in any international side, when its seasoned players retire.

Dhoni as an Indian captain has a record of highest winning percentage in the away from home matches. His record at home is also among the best. Under his guidance, Indian cricket team now has players, who are equally good in all formats of game and the captain keeps the hunger for success alive.

It has been eight successful years of his captaincy, that has seen him becoming the Number One ODI batsman, hence proving the age-old concept that captaincy interferes with the performance of the player. Under his command, India has become the World Rank 2 Team in both Test Cricket and ODI.

It’s not that his career has been free of any kind of controversies. He was in the midst of the biggest controversy about the retirement of senior players. He was accused of making seniors retire , with BCCI forcing them. Also , very recently, the team was said to be dividing in two camps, headed by Virendra Sehwag and Dhoni. But as he is, a Fighter, he came out of all this smiling and even better a person and cricketer.

Mahendra Singh’s captaincy in the world cup as of now, remains impeccable. India has six wins from as many games up until now.

In Mahendra Singh Dhoni, The Indian Cricket has a reliable, dependable yet flamboyant Captain, who plays and leads just for the nation!

Aman Mittal

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