Make A Video To Entertain Educate Or Inform

The best videos are the ones, which offer something valuable to their viewers. Make a video
that can attract viewers to have one of the three things, it should be able to entertain, inform, or educate the viewer. Here’s what I mean, most videos on YouTube strive to be entertaining. Whether you’re talking to cute kittens, stupid human tricks, or wryly humorous vlog postings, the typical YouTube video contains some measure of entertainment value.

This can also work for business videos, just as many of the most memorable television commercials are vastly entertaining, some of the most viewed corporate videos on You Tube videos are very entertaining. After all, people like to be entertained, if you can pull off such an entertaining video, it’s bound to draw viewers.

To inform making a video is another thing that attracts viewers, its information in particular,
is specifically relevant and useful to the viewer. I’m talking about the latest news, tailor made for the target YouTube customer. When your company video has information that matters to particular YouTube
viewers, those people will watch it. To educate in a similar fashion, make a video that a common man can watch anytime.

It’s your video, which can help them learn of exactly how to do something that can
help them attract eyeballs. Show mechanically inept viewers how to change the oil in their cars, or teach would-be chefs how to prepare a gourmet meal, make a corporate video for your website promotion. Your
step-by-step instruction of an explanation video attracts large numbers of viewers in today’s increasingly do it yourself world.

Pick one approach entertainment, information, or education and do it as best you can. Provide stellar content and you’re well on your way to upping your explanation video view count. The more targeted it is, the faster it finds an audience.

Yes, general videos would seem to appeal to a larger slice of the YouTube community. But general videos also get lost among the millions of other general videos; it’s tough to stand out in a crowd this large. A much better approach is to target a particular slice of the community, a distinct customer base. As in any other form of advertising, the more narrowly you target the message, the more appeal you have to those targeted consumers.

In addition, when you niche target your content, you can more easily promote it via YouTube’s community features, as well in the blogosphere and via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. When you narrowly identify the audience, it’s a snap to locate the groups, blogs, forums, and other outlets that target the same audience.

A broadly focused video is much more difficult to promote; there are just too many channels to choose from, none of which is an exact hit. In fact, a general interest video might reach an audience altogether different from the one you really want to reach. Why waste your time targeting viewers who will never be your customers? You can more effectively and efficiently promote a narrowly targeted video via channels narrowly targeted in the same way.

Sonali Sharma