Making Gay Go Away

gay-awayWhat stems from parents-in-denial of homosexual people, or the people who want to lead the ‘normal’ life and wish to do away with the homosexuality in them? It leads to psychologists and various other doctors developing a therapy that not only rids people of their homosexuality but also give thema rejuvenated way to live life. A number of certified medical doctors claim to cure homosexuality through electroconvulsive therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and psychological counselling.

Do these learnt people lack in understanding of medicine and psychiatry, or do they lack understanding the human race as a whole?

Thinking homosexuality to be a hormonal or endocrine disorder, these doctors constantly indulge in tactics that would rectify the issue. Citing reasons such as- existence of ‘recessive gay gene’ in parents that latterly become active in homosexual children; possession of more female hormones in the homosexuals; the doctors promise to ‘cure’ them for of course an elaborative sum.


Conversion therapy is a highly discredited practice which claims to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals in a matter of months. It includes a series of dubious procedures — giving electric shocks or nausea-inducing drugs, prescribing testosterone or talk therapy — which can lead to depression, anxiety, seizures, drug use and suicidal tendencies. The practice is stoutly condemned by mainstream health regulatory bodies, both in India and abroad, because of its potentially devastating effects on the lives of gay people.

Basking in the desperation of the parents and of the people who face nothing  but rebukes for their ‘illness’, these doctors are encouraged to perform conversion therapies which include aggressive physical conversions and the consistent brainwashing, by shaming the idea of homosexuals to the patients.

Yes, they indeed promise to cure the sexuality within a short span of ‘three months’, as reported by Daily Mail. The question is, even though the conversion is a sham, why does it find so many takers?

Nowhere in the course of medical history is there any genetic or medical evidence to homosexuality, let alone the occurrence of dominant or recessive gene. It is the lack of awareness among the people that allows them to indulge in such horror-some activities and life reprimanding brainwashing.

Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation; it cannot be classified as an illness.

The conversion therapy movement is nothing but the inability of people to accept things that are against the norms and ideals of our culturally thriving society. It is nothing but a concentrated burst of homophobia. The concept of there being a possibility of repairing someone essentially comes from the baseless presumption that they are broken, ill.

Such activities reaffirms the idea of ‘homosexuality’ being a disease that the infected people needs protection from. Thus, further amplifying the stigma. It’s high time that people accept that the only thing that homosexual people need protection is from prejudice and not homosexuality.

Yugansha Malhotra

The Viewspaper