Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill

144956103_ddc39c344b.jpgWhat is the big fuss about Board examinations?

Examinations have been and will contunue to be a legitimate tool to test knowledge. After all, this is a system introduced  in lower classes, and goes on to be held in places such as workshops for executives who have crossed the middle line in terms of age. Then, what is the big uproar about examinations conducted by the C.B.S.E.?

I have been through my share of Board examinations and I have done, without the sounds of trumpets, very well in one and absurdly mediocre in the other. Yet I have come through these experiences unharmed because of great parents, brilliant teachers, amazing friends and, above all, a very high regard for myself and my abilities. The following views are my personal beliefs, rather than those amalgamated from the society.

I believe that the shocking incidents of suicide are chiefly because of the low esteem that the students suffer from. The causes of such a major problem are manifold. In my view, parental pressure is one factor that takes the chunk of the blame.

Parents believe that the result of the child in the board exams reflects parental values more than anything. This needs to change immediately. Schools need to counsel parents about such a misconception and teach them about the various career avenues that have sprung up lately that require much more than just good marks.

Another reason is the child’s own reflection of himself which needs to be changed. Seeing oneself in poor light just because of bad marks is a huge cause of concern considering that we don’t really feed on our Board scores through out our lives. There is so much more to the person than just scores and that is something that parents need to ingrain in their children.

The idea is to have a child who is well brought up and essentially a good person rather than being an unscrupulous scholar.

What I am more concerned about is the method of preparation for the board examinations. One needs to ensure one is regular. The only and only solution is regularity in academics and a little dose of sincerity.

It is completely pointless to not study through out the year and then try and get through a series of books in the last month in hopes of good marks only to end up with a hastily written suicide note.

For God’s sake there are only five subjects and more than ten months to prepare! The C.B.S.E. Board has made it so easy on the students lately with flexible marking schemes, healthy dosage of time allotment, counseling sessions across India and a lighter load of course. What more can a student ask for? Certainly, when I gave my exams things was not so easy.

I wonder what goes on with the students of I.C.S.E. Board, considering their course load is heavier, more expansive and vast. Yet, not many students from their quarter commit suicide.

Then why is the C.B.S.E. being painted red, when it is the parents and the students who should be accused of their downfall? Banning the examinations is like banning tournaments for professional athletes.

Where will the avenue for showcasing talent and learning come? After all, I believe that life is competition in itself and competing with oneself and others must come naturally to us because, although archaic, survival of the fittest is what prevails.

Sayan Das

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