Makita battery Chargers

Makita battery chargers are the best chargers you can buy for your Makita tools. Makita battery chargers can be used as replacement chargers as well as an extra charger for your cordless tools. These chargers give immense output by charging the battery at a very fast rate and also prolong the battery life. The Makita battery chargers do not create memory effect which actually results in the battery life to increase by a few folds.

The technology used in the making of Makita battery chargers gives them a lot of perks over the other battery chargers. They have an inbuilt central processing unit which detects the condition of every battery, how long has the battery been used and other related information and modulates the charging accordingly. There is an air cooling system within the charger which circulates air around the battery which maximizes and optimizes the battery life.

Given below is a list of Makita battery chargers used to charge various lithium-ion, NiMH and Nickel cadmium batteries-

  • DC 18RA-

This charger is used for optimally charging lithium-ion batteries. The charger determines and regulates the charging rate based on the data the charger collects from the battery. The temperature, current and voltage are regulated and controlled to maximize the battery output.

  • Makita DC1804 charger –

It is an all purpose battery charger which has a trickle charger mode. In the trickle charger mode the battery can be left on charge for a long period of time and the charger automatically sets itself to charge the battery in a way that it gets optimally charged and does not damage the battery in any way. The history of the battery is established and the temperature, current and voltage are controlled accordingly to maximize battery life. This Makita battery charger charges 14.4V, 18V, 9.6V, 12V, and 7.2V Nickel Cadmium & Ni-MH Batteries.

The Makita battery chargers follow high standards when it comes to quality and energy dispersion. Some of the models have been given the Energy Star label for complying with the guidelines set by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the US Environmental Protection Agency. These achievements have only resulted in their products to become more efficient and eco friendly.