Manager Mode: Decisions That Need Trust And Time


The English Premier League or also called the Barclays Premier League has never been so tensed and equally poised with just 12 matches left for the league to end. Till the end of week 26, the teams are almost inseparable, with a difference of maximum 4 points between them.

The dominance of Leicester City F.C has led to the table being wide open. Their last 1-2 defeat to Arsenal has actually done a world of betterment for Arsene Weger’s men.

The 95th minute winner from Arsenal has just left a difference of mere 1-point to equalise the 2-points to lead the 20 team league. Meanwhile, title rivals Tottenham beat Manchester City 2-1 away at the Etihad Stadium. At Villa Park, Liverpool crushed Aston Villa 6-0, pushing the league strugglers even closer to relegation.

Welbeck, who had not played since last April after a series of injuries, came on after 83 minutes and scored in the fifth minute of stoppage time when he glanced home a Mesut Ozil free kick to secure the victory.

Manchester City has been in a sublime form but with the new coach signing for the next season, they are a bit confused with their way of playing. They are even confused for the right playing combinations on the field, when the top four teams are heading forward neck to neck in the title’s race.


Former champion teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are not only finding it hard to compete with the top four but are also trying to correspond to their hard earned image in the completion.

The change of managers and speculations to change them over again are the main causes of the teams not playing well in the ongoing season. There is no cause of worry from the squad’s end. The teams have the adequate amount of talent and world class players to make them top the charts. The only worry as far as I think, is the managerial issue.


The new managers should be given a season or two to mingle with the team. It helps them understand the team composition and the game that the players in the respective clubs follow. A season is not enough to understand whether a manager can handle a club or not.

There can be performance pressures and there can be fan pressure, even the top four teams are going through that. The easiest solution is to trust your valuable talent and be patient enough for results.

Vishesh Sharma

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper