Manhandling the Environment

earth.jpgWhat is it with us? Why can’t we save the very thing that is helping us live? Just look at the earth today. Our planet is dying at her children’s hands. Her breath is getting choked due to all the harmful gases our cars and air conditioners emit. We are stripping off her clothes by cutting all those trees, and making her shed tears by making those precious glaciers melt.

The issue of global warming is big these days. Everybody knows there will be no oil left in a few decades’ time. Still, all we do is switch off lights for a mere sixty minutes to mark an earth hour. Big deal! Will switching your lights off for one meager hour really make one hell of a difference? Recently, a series of concerts were held across the world to raise awareness about environmental issues. It is indeed a good idea to get the message across to the masses. However, didn’t those brilliant planners think, even for a millisecond, that staging these events would consume more energy than they will save by creating awareness about conservation? Will some XYZ celebrity singing a song, which incidentally not even remotely related to the very purpose of the event, be able to generate awareness about conserving the environment. I believe it will do nothing more than entertain the crowds and deepen sponsors’ pockets.

Winters are getting warmer and summers are getting even warmer. Global warming is reaching such an alarming stage that it is making the ice melt even in the once-frozen Arctic Circle. I wonder what its impact will be on the mainland the humans live on. Summers are already so unbearable, that most of us prefer to stay indoors. If it is going to get any hotter than this, what are we going to do? Move around with coolers fitted in our clothes or live in cities built inside air-conditioned glass domes? Energy is needed for everything, even for that far-fetched dream.

People are becoming lazier by the day and want to live in utmost luxury. They use appliances for their every need and whim. The laundry is dried in clothes dryer – the sun won’t do. Food is cooked in a microwave – the gas stove is not enough. Further, we need our indispensable cars to go to even the local market which might hardly be not more than a stone’s throw away.

Gandhi ji once said, “The earth has enough for our need, but not for our greed.” We have made earth’s condition so bad that astronomers are now looking for other planets similar to ours for survival. Is this what we have come to? Was this planet not enough to satisfy our hunger that we are now searching the universe for greener pastures, after sucking our own world of all its strength? We are behaving exactly like those aliens in cartoons and movies, who come toward earth to suck it of all its resources. The only difference is that they loot others, whereas we humans devour our own home. And this is not even a movie.

Shalini Rajvanshi

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