Break Up

“I can’t.”

He pulled Tanya’s skirt up, slowly. He didn’t want her to get any wrong ideas. Yet.

“Robbie, it’s going to pain.” Tanya repeated.

“I know baby, naughty is painful.” He pushed Tanya further down the armchair. Time to operate, he thought, and took out a

fresh needle from the cupboard.

“I don’t know why you want Anand’s name for a tattoo, anyways,” he said.

“Well I can’t have his repulsive face on my thigh,” she winked. “But I love him.”

“Sure.And why did he find the Prada gown he gifted you in Nikhil Pawa’s room, after prom? I see the love.”

“I’m breaking up next month.” That made Robbie looked up.

“What’s the wait for, his plastic surgery?”

“My birthday. He’s getting me a car. What an angel…”

“Right…by the way why not get a kinky angel tattooed? Especially when you want to get it…here. Why ‘Anand’?”

“To assert my fidelity. What if I get caught again?”

He looked into her eyes, and drove the needle up her thigh.

“Oooch!” she shrieked.

“How can you do this to him?”

“He’s ugly. I have a reputation. So, get over it.”

“Consider this salvation.”

Then she passed out. When she woke up, sprawled across her leg were the words:

‘It’s a shallow world. But you’ll drown.’

She screamed. In the open cupboard was an album overflowing with Anand’s photographs- his first football game, his 10th birthday, his first kiss (with Tanya)… The album was titled- ‘Robbie’s First Love’.