“Mantras” for a Sound Health

Be absolutely sure that I’m not here to talk about any religion. Nor am I here to advocate the doctrines of any yogi. But what I basically want to discuss is all about the health-benefits of chanting the divine mantras. In order to understand the power of mantras, let us first discuss their meaning and origin.

Any sacred verbal formula which is repeated in the form of a prayer, meditation or incantation and then, is used as an object of concentration is called a mantra. It is believed that a mantra embodies some aspects of a spiritual power portion of the scripture that contains some mystical potentialities. Mantras have been originated from the Vedic literatures. Whenever we hear any word and emotionally react to it, then we do so just because we are conditioned by our own experiences which are connected to that word and also by the collective motions which people have towards it. This is the basic idea with which every mantra works.
Mantras and meditation are the two things that go hand-in-hand. Meditation is, in itself, a way of concentrating but along with that if mantras are chanted, then they can help a person in building-up a better level of concentration in him. It is observed that all the time, our mind is busy thinking either about the past or imagining about the future but the repetitive chanting of a mantra can prove to be a very powerful way of keeping it in the present and also stilling our monkey mind, which forever jumps uncontrollably from one thought to another. So the moment we inculcate the practice of being intensely present in our present with neither any baggage of our subconscious past nor the remotest anxieties of our future, then we automatically experience great peace, a profound silence and the supreme joy within us which in fact, are the process and goals of meditation. By chanting mantras, we can discover a very effective way of achieving it all.
It is believed that every matter, be it the tiniest DNA strand in us or even the largest of continents in the world, is in a constant state of vibration which causes the emission of subtle sounds. But there are some specific sounds that energize the specific portions of the brain thereby awakening some extraordinary powers. Only such sounds form the heart of mantras and deeply influence the alignment of energy within us. Mantras act upon our bodies by trying to reprogram the vibrations of those cells that somehow go askew. They help in the restoration of the patterns of sounds at the heart of all the cells of one’s body and push them all towards a harmonious health. Not only do they affect our physical body but also affect our subtle body like our emotions, intellect and soul. Mantras have a very profound impact upon us mainly because of two reasons- the vibrational effect of the sound of any word and the effect of the collective emotional energy behind that word which comes as a result of its constant repetition over time.

Mantras are said to work at a very deep level where the subconscious mind is a collective consciousness of all the forms of primitive consciousness which exist throughout one’s physical and subtle bodies. In this way, they positively affect our aura and give us the energy shields which surround our body. The continuous and dedicated chanting of a mantra can dig into our subconscious crystallized thoughts stored in the organs and glands of our body which can transform our bodily parts into repositories of peace and wisdom.

Mantras can help us in accessing our own inner wisdom, accomplishing our own inner peace, releasing fear and anxiety from us, overcoming the inner barriers for our personal growth and happiness, vitalizing the life force of the whole universe, opening the doorways to more spiritually favorable conditions and spiritual transformation for viewing all powers as personal which in turn, immediately aligns us with the true power of our own life.

Chanting of mantras is also a way of meditation which, just like meditation, helps in lowering the consumption of oxygen by our body, decreasing the respiratory rate, increasing the flow of blood in our body and lowering our heart beat, clearing energy blockages within our body thereby giving us tremendous power, increasing tolerance for exercise in heart patients, deepening the level of relaxation, controlling hyper-tension, reducing anxiety by lowering the levels of blood lactate, decreasing muscle tension or any pain that is caused due to any tension like headaches, building self-confidence, reducing pre-menstrual syndrome in females, helping in post-operative healings of patients, improving the luster of our body , reducing the activity of those viruses which cause harm to our health and in emotional distressing.

Regular chanting of mantras increases serotonin production in our body- a hormone which influences our mood and behavior. An inadequate supply of serotonin in our body can lead us to a state of depression and can also cause obesity, insomnia and headaches. It can help us in resolving the deepest of neuroses, fears and conflicts which cause ill-health and stress in us. It also increases the activities of natural killer-cells which help our body in destroying many types of harmful bacteria as well as cancer cells. It is especially appropriate for pregnant women to chant mantras as it puts them in tune with their babies.

So in order to deal with stress of your everyday work and improve your lifestyle, bring into practice the chanting of a few mantras. Remember, by doing just a little for our health, we can help ourselves a lot.

Aditi Swami

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/2618459029/]