ManU Managers: Hired, Sacked, Still Searching…

Man United

The winner of record 20 league titles and 20 Community Shields, Manchester United is looking to defend its name and image, desperately. The team became the first English team to win the European Cup in 1968, 10 years after the Munich air disaster, in which eight players died.

The 114-year-old club is the World’s most valuable football brand. This is just a background check on the club which is now going through a really bad phase, on the field. United served a golden period under Sir Alex Ferguson from 1986-2013. He won 38 trophies, including 13 premier league titles.  The retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager of the club saw a downfall and finished seventh in Premier League in 2013-14.


Club owners should have found a replacement for the retiring manger and only found David Moyes, who was signed on a 6-year contract as the manager but was sacked after 10 months. Not qualifying for the champions league in the following season was the evidence of United’s poor run.

Ryan Giggs, who played for Manchester United for 18 fine years should have been the first choice as the replacement as he was aware about the stats and the on field game United has been legendary for. The change in game and team composition under Moyes went to unsatisfactory levels, to that of Sir Ferguson.

The talent from the academy and other International signings were good. Heaps of money spent in the transfer windows was of no use as the players could hardly fit them in the role desired by the struggling United management.

The mistake which can be considered as a blunder which costed the club a fortune was ignoring Cristiano Ronaldo’s interest in coming back to Old Trafford. He could have been the key to United’s success as a team. Ronaldo knew the style of game played and had an outstanding understanding with other players.

The arrival of Louis Van Gaal in 2014 was a challenge. He stepped in as the manager of a team which was in a sinking boat. Van Gaal proved his ability and slowly and steadily, the team started coming back on track. Dealing with big names, their attitude and resistance proved to be a positive for the new manager.


The red devils again qualified for the Champions league in 2014-15, showing the bonding and acceptance between the management and the players. The ongoing season has been a decent one for United till now and they might be looking to stay in the title hunt, as the table remains wide open.

Vishesh Sharma

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