Marketing Gone Right With Reality?

realitysellsThere are movies, and then there are movies like Pink. If reviews are anything to go by, the movie is laudable with an amazing cast and much more amazing story. The movie speaks of how women are character assassinated and harassed because it is acceptable and can be attuned to the somehow ‘perceivable’ character the woman is ingrained with. The movie speaks of how society would readily judge a woman by her clothing, or her working hours, or her partying habits or maybe her interaction with the opposite sex.

The movie has created a benchmark in terms of being societal, by inspiring and educating our imbecile audience a bit, something that no Dabangg has been able to achieve. Apart from the story, the movie has also set great marketing standards to go by.

The marketing started when Amitabh Bachchan decided to pen a beautiful and controversial letter to his granddaughters. Driving them to refrain from getting entangled in patriarchal norms, he somehow solidified it once and refuted it many a times. The letter started off in a controversial manner wherein he reminded his granddaughters of the legacy they are carrying of their great-grandfathers, clearly managing to ignore the teachings of their great-grandmothers. However, moving on from this, he did write quite an insightful letter, asking them to not adhere to the societal norms, and making their own choices and decisions while not adhering to stereotypes or the sexist culture that one woman clearly has to pave her wave through.

Something as intimate as a letter could have been shared within the vicinity of their household, or couldn’t have been as time sensitive as it was. It was released few weeks before the release of his movie, and clearly acted as a great marketing tool. It was perfectly timed, it served the cause of feminism and rant against patriarchy, and marketed the movie which is essentially going to the lost ‘trend’ of feminism and questions it in an apt and required manner.

Amitabh Bachchan smartly jumped the bandwagon of feminism, something stars are doing with increased constancy nowadays, as it is nothing but a trend. But do they actually support the cause or do not remains to be seen?

The second great impetus came from the new video that Amitabh Bachchan did for Blush. The video is amazing wherein he is voicing the thoughts of few women, which are nothing but deeply ingrained prejudices the gender usually face. For years, we have been taught on how to behave ‘correctly’ and dress in some apt manner. The video is hard-hitting for all the right reasons, and we couldn’t love the legendary star more.

This video also screams marketing of the movie, while promoting a cause that should happen without any motive or profits to be achieved. Are the movie releases the only time stars such as Mr. Bachchan will voice out about feminism and the prejudices faced by women? Do they always need an incentive to speak for a humanitarian cause?

Has marketing gone woefully societal or just honest? Are the filmmakers finally focusing more on the harsh reality than just fanning our fantasy lands? Is it time for us to acknowledge that ‘reality’ sells and its fine to pan an entire story out of it, and then conveniently jump on the bandwagon of the battles millions are immersed in?

It is great that legends like Amitabh Bachchan are speaking about feminism and stereotypes, which will indeed be helpful when catering to some older generations due to his idolized presence. However, does he need the cause as a marketing strategy, or as a stepping block to gross crores? Is feminism just another ‘trend’ to be followed?

How unfair it is that feminism is hoarded when required, but otherwise no one, even the likes of Amitabh Bachchan wants to be labelled as one?

Yugansha Malhotra

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The Viewspaper