Marketing The Product Or The Trend?


Marketing is nothing but an art to sell and promote the respective products. However, the real deal lies on how to market the product. Do we use the benefits of the product to inculcate interest, do we highlight all the pros and the utmost reliability any product has?

No, marketing is nothing about telling the world how good the product is as compared to others, marketing is an art that appeals to the conscience of people. Because, people buy products not because they are good, but because everyone is using them, and that’s the reliability check they would ever need.

Now, this is one intricate layer of marketing, the other involves riding on the bandwagon of the things that are trending well on Twitter and of course, consequently, in the minds of the people. Feminism was a trend, it sort of shaped itself after the Nirbhaya incident, and it has been used widely by coming-of-the-age NGOs, social portals and it did constitute itself as the theme of many plays, movies and social drama. They stimulate themselves or the product with the trending topic, and that’s how a societal balance is achieved.

As naïve as I am about marketing techniques, one thing really ticks me is how these trends which should be understood by the society, are used by these clever marketers, who benefit from it, if not from the ideology.

Of late, patriotism is on the rise, with the Uri attack and our soldiers being killed, Kashmir violence, sedition charges flying around; everyone is raging for revenge, and feeling much more patriotic with the passing of every single day than they have felt in decades. There are ads now featuring actors dressed as soldiers to garner attention, and they are doing it rightly, infusing emotion with a bit of their product.

Since Narendra Modi took his place as the leader of our country, he has time and again emphasized on the importance of encouraging the local market of our country who is suffering at the hands of the international brands, which more or so are being invited by our leader as a calculated move to prosper the country. Nevertheless, the encouragement towards the local produce would bring more money to the country and would discourage more money going out. He managed to instill a new wave of patriotism by igniting the lost fire of Hinduism, and giving patriotism a nudge that was required.

However, there’s one person that re-defined our patriotism by making a clever and a clear-cut business out of it. And the person is no one but the creator of Patanjali products, Baba Ramdev.

Acharya Balkrishna met with the yoga guru clad in orange robes, Baba Ramdev in a gurukul in Haryana, and both set out on this business venture which has since spanned across India and is sending shivers down the spine of foreign and domestic MNCs that enjoyed customer loyalty for generations. So much so that there isn’t a single locality in the capital state at least that is devoid of their store.

The company’s products are sold under the ‘swadeshi’ plank and even the Mahatma is invoked for the brand’s further success. They are using the ‘Father Of Our Nation’ to invoke trust and faith towards the Patanjali produce, and of course their coming into being was timed perfectly with the onset of patriotism that Modi instilled.

Hasn’t the rise of the BJP and the Hindutva and the pop patriotism that goes along with it, have their fair share in the firm’s success? Have they not played with people’s mind by hopping on the rising trend?

Few years down the line, we might see marketing students studying the pattern as to the rise of Patanjali, because if that is not correct marketing, I don’t know what is.  

It has been a legitimate thing now, to hop on the trending concept and market the product accordingly. That’s what Patanjali does and that’s what many others do. The question remain with us imbecile people, in the end do we go for the produce, or do we get attracted by the shine of trends, celebrities and the status that comes with a product?

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper