Marriage Mystery

Ah! The all time platonic quote, “Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth”. It is amazing that how two people decide to remain together for the rest of their lives; in pain and in pleasure. And, definitely a magic works for the betterment of the same. But, India experiences a different view when such societal concerns become the flavour of the month!

Major population of this diverse country is still bourgeois and thus society becomes the extended family of the people. India is famous for its “unity in diversity” motto. And, of course, it’s very true. This displaced country becomes one when a person tries to get married outside the prescribed caste/religion. As Chetan Bhagat`s Two States very efficiently tutors the world that, in India, the marriage is not between two people, rather its between two families. The concept of marriage is very bizarre here. No matter how much we yell our lungs out and shout to the world that India is a super power, India still needs to grows; mentally. It is really sad and shameful that the condition of women on the marriage platform is still miserable.

The “mall culture” is the best which can describe a woman`s life at a marriageable age. A mall is a building where similar variety of things are available to choose from. The best bidder gets the best of the best. Commodification of women is not an alien topic to crib about. It`s been discussed and buried a lot many times and then magically gets unburied. I witnessed one of my aunt’s very openly venting her views on this societal topic, she said, “well educated women are arrogant and turn mad sooner.” I was deeply disturbed by this comment coming from a lady herself. And, mind you all the readers, she herself is a graduate! Girls are still seen as a subversive sex and it`s a pity that even women cannot stand together to support each other.

Amazingly, a lady teacher is preferred over a female IAS officer, as a better matrimonial prospect. The country claims that men and women are all alike and they walk beside each other in every sphere of accomplishment. Then how come on the occasions of tying the holy knot, women are calculated on the basis of some hollow notions? How something so important as education becomes a hindrance in her marriage? I am not a feminist, but I am a woman. It hurts me when I see such discriminations in everyday life. On one side, women are encouraged to  become independent and, sadly, on the other, this independence becomes her major enemy. The world is hypocritical.

A daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother; women play so many roles, and all of them differ from each other. In India, especially, an unmarried girl is seen as a burden, a liability. Life is tough for her. I plea the world to please respect women and to solve this marriage mystery for her.

Madhulika Nirmal

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