Mary Kom: A Movie Review


What a woman! That was the thought I carried home after watching Mary Kom. Mc Mary Kom has created her own destiny in real life, and Bollywood’s talented actor Priyanka Chopra has captured that story skilfully and, more so, passionately for us, bringing it to the silver screen. These two women are just incredible!

It was said that Mary Kom would be judged by the performance of Priyanka Chopra and right from the start of the movie she has portrayed the character of Kom brilliantly.

The movie starts with a heavily pregnant Mary and her husband walking to the hospital under the rain in the curfew-stricken Imphal. So, it becomes obvious that a flashback will take us to her past. The first half of the movie shows a young Mary during her school days, her life in a small village in Manipur – the domestic chores of tending to cows and milking them and scenes of street fights that we all got a glimpse of from the trailer. Her father’s strong disapproval towards her passion for boxing is highlighted as well.

The first part can be a bit confusing for the audience with scenes unfolding in a hurrying manner without much time to ponder over or even grasp the scenes. However, I was able to observe how carefully the director has added details to the setting. There is a small cross hung on the wall, roadway sign with Mary’s village written on it, checked bed sheets, the floral curtains, special dish called eeromba – common little things that one will find in Manipur.

The second half is deeply emotional and a bit of tears can be expected.  You will see the soft side of a mother in the tough and fearless boxer. The romance in their marital life is implicitly present throughout the movie; the usually-cynical-me was swept away a for a while. Priyanka’s on-screen husband Darshan Kumar clearly fitted the role. The confusion in having breastfed one of her twin sons instead of the other and the funny dialogue “I have become like a dairy farm”, and other comedy scenes of the film is sure to make you laugh.

MC Mary Kom who has faced each difficult phase in life with her never-say-die spirit is not only a fighter in the boxing ring, but a fighter in real life.  To understand Mary Kom’s talent and success as a boxer requires a deep understanding and connection with her life struggles.

Apart from the narration of Mary Kom’s life story, the film has intelligently portrayed the bureaucratic and partisanship attitude of India towards sportswomen. Music is not overdone and is beautifully in tune with the story. The North-eastern actors playing the role of Mary’s parents, coach and fellow boxers have also pulled it off very well, deserving a round of applause.

Mary Kom is truly an inspiration for every Indian and for every person who needs that little bit of motivation to overcome the hurdles of life. And if you believe in the old adage that “behind every successful man there is a woman”, we may take it to be true in the case of Mary too, where her husband lovingly takes care of the twins and encourages her to not give up on her dreams. (Wives must take their husbands to watch this movie. Wouldn’t a lesson or two be great? No feminism here.)

The movie ends with the national anthem being played, leaving the audience with a feel of patriotism as we move out of the theatre.

For Omung Kumar, to make his directorial debut in a sports biopic surely must have been challenging. We have heard so much about Mary Kom, perhaps even read her autobiography Unbreakable, but Kumar has delivered to us a story that would make us fall in love, all over again.

Mary Kom will make you smile, aspire and cry. A soulful and heart-warming biopic that is definitely worth watching!

Valentina Telien Kom

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