Mawlynnong: Eco-Friendly Tourism At Its Best


Wanderlust is driving the youth of today’s time. Even the Indian youth have been going all out in setting travel as a priority. Many travellers today are inclined to taking experiential holidays where they could gain something apart from  memories.  When it comes to Indian travellers, many often crave for European tours which promise cleanliness, calmness and scenic beauty. But most of us fail to see or rather are unaware about  hidden beauty within India itself.

However, India has a vast potential in the toursim sector. For a truly amazing travel experience in India, one should plan a holiday to Mawlynnong in Meghalaya. This village is one of the best places to visit in the country. It is spotlessly clean and isolated. You will be amazed by their eco-friendly lifestyle with zero-litter policy.

Mawlynnong village was declared the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. In 2005, it was again declared the cleanest village in India. The villagers’ commitment to preserve the greenery in their surroundings is inspiring. The village is in stark contrast with what is usually expected to be found in Indian rural areas and its scenic beauty will take your breath away.

One should not miss the Living Root Bridge, which is found in another nearby village called Rivali. Living Root Bridges are rare and can be seen only in Meghalaya. The roots of rubber plants are interwoven by the villagers from several generations to form this unique bridge. It is said that more than 50 years was needed for the bridge to be completed and it can last for many centuries to come.

The entire village of Mawlynnong will definietly prove to be a charming escapade for those seeking an entirely different experience of travel in India. To completely submerge oneself in the Mawlynnong life, you need to explore the depths of the lifestyle of the people. You can also tour through the beauty of the village by walking around the cemented pathways; a guide is not needed. For a great view, make sure you follow the directions for the climb up to the bamboo skywalk. If phone connectivity is poor, do not forget that you have come to for a secluded experience; peace and tranquillity is what you will find here.

The village has a guest house which can be booked for stay. You can also rent wooden huts on bamboo stilts and soothe your ears to the sound of the clear flowing streams. The place also has a good variety of plant species.

Over the years, tourism has flourished in Mawlynnong and the contributing factor is the good local governance which is in tune with the social fabric of the place. It is hoped that sates with potential for eco-tourism would have a look at this.

Malynnong has given visitors the wonderful experience of living in an eco-friendly nature. For your next holiday plans, remember Mawlynnong awaits you. So keep aside other destinations for a while.

There is a whole different thrill in exploring the unexplored. Let us not give in easily to the western world’s enticement of landscapes when we have got enough in our country. I’m sure innumerable places like Mawlynnong are there in the country; all we need to do is to keep our eyes opened.

In the name of tourism and economic development, there are inevitable challenges that could harm the environment of the place. The government should take every effort to nurture and preserve Mawlynnong. We hope it remains pristine for generations to come.

As India tries to advances itself in the economic front, tourism should be the driving force of the economy, as is the case in other developed countries of the world. Meghalaya has a vast potential in tourism and is even known as Scotland of the East. India has the potential to become a tourist hotspot in Asia. The scope for development of rural eco-tourism is high.  With the growing concern for climate change, we must find ways to explore more in the field of sustainable development.

From dustbins made of bamboo and cane to solar-lighting, rain-harvesting to eco-friendly houses; there’s a lot to learn from the people of Mawlynnong. It certainly proves that nature can only give us the best of its beauty.

Valentina Telien Kom

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