Mayawati: New Political Power

Mayawati Nanina Kumari, a feisty woman, is the first Dalit woman to become the head of an Indian state, and this is her fourth term in the office. The year 2008 has been Mayawati’s year so far. She has been in the news right from the start of the 2008. For right or wrong reasons, is best left to you to judge.

The year 2008 started with a heated atmosphere following the clashes of Samajwadi Party leader and workers with state police. There was complete chaos for three days in the state. After that, Mayawati alleged that certain Congress leaders were conspiring to eliminate her and demanded an amendment in law to get SPG cover. This was followed by a demand to give Bharat Ratna award to Kanshi Ram. Yesterday, she celebrated her birthday in a ‘simple’ way and announced series of projects for people of Uttar Pradesh echoing her Election success mantra “Sarv Jan Hitaya Sarv Jan Sukhaya “. Mayawati is famous for announcing the projects but not for finishing them without their share of controversies. Moreover, in a ‘simple’ birthday celebration, BSP got richer by a whopping Rs 12 crore. She also announced to fully support the Center on the decision to divide the State into three parts – Purvanchal, Bundelkhand and UP.

At the launch of her autobiography, she virtually said, “I am a bigger leader than Sonia”. The BSP supremo has not taken Gandhi’s name but said ‘inheriting a political legacy’ is a different thing and leading a ‘social change’ as a ‘revolutionary mission’ was a unique thing. She also showed desire to become first Prime Minister from the oppressed class. Mayawati also mentioned about inclusion of her name in Newsweek’s global list of top eight women and said that it is very rare that people belonging to the lower strata of society are eulogised.

In nearly over a decade, Uttar Pradesh has had a majority government. Mayawati need not to worry about the coalition anymore and probably this is the reason why she is playing such an extravagant game. The political games have just begun and the battle will intensify as a countdown to general elections is starting. BSP is not just any other regional party, as it simply does not represent any region. The crux of BSP is the Dalit vote, and they are not present in any one particular region but in the entire country. In simple words, if any other party apart from BJP and Congress has the potential to provide Bharat with its prime minister in the current scenario, then it is the BSP.

Rishabh Srivastava

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