Mayawati’s Passion for Statues

As the first rays of the sun touched upon the marble sculpture, the face of Mayawati lit up from near oblivion. Accompanying her is BSP founder Kanshi Ram and Dalit icon B.R .Ambedkar, all standing firm and braving the vagaries of the weather. Thanks to Mayawati’s obsession, life-size statues of her own have been mushrooming in various parts of Uttar Pradesh. These life-sized dolls according to the UP CM, Mayawati are of Dalit icons, which pioneered the progress of the lowest social class. (Read: Dalits). By playing the Dalit card, Mayawati has spent cores of tax payers‘money only to immortalize herself in a huge lump of mass. Perhaps no other Indian political figure while alive has indulged in such a fad.

What is more appalling is that to erect these statues, the Uttar Pradesh government has demolished huge estates and government buildings. The charm of the crystalline rock has gripped her so much that now Mayawati plans to build ‘ Maya Vicar ‘ near Luck now’s Gomati Nagar . This obsession with the rock dates back to 1995 when Mayawati first became the Chief Minister. Back then , she built a Rest. 150 core memorial befitting the Dalit icon , Dr. B.R.Ambedkar . Also, the coming up of such statues in close proximity to each other surely defies logic . For Instance , the statues of Dalit icons at the Ambedkar Mmemorial are separated by their clones by just 200 meters!

In spite of the large scale protests by the opposition led by Mulayam Singh Yadav , and the Supreme Court expressing concern over her motive behind squandering huge sums of money , Mayawati continues to indulge in this self-love . Perhaps it would take more than a wizard like Albus Dumbledore to reverse the spell on her .

It is horrifying to see a political party indulging in such mindless acts just too permanently leave a mark on the minds of people. Moreover, in this new age world wherein the voter is not carried away by caste-based politics, the BSP should stop playing the Dalit card and get their act straight. In fact, it is rightly said that it is the high stature, which matters not the height of the statue. It is time the apex court wrung BSP by the ear and put an end to this furore.

Vijay Amalakra

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