Maybe Doomsday Isn’t So Bad After All

I am quite tired of everybody jumping around me, talking excitedly, and some nervously, about 2012. No, not the motion picture. The whole Mayan-Calendar-Ending-And-Taking-The-Perfectly-Healthy-Earth-Along-With-It idea seems straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, minus Mr. Harrison Ford jumping from one big rock to an even bigger rock.

Yes, agreed that many from our generation don’t care about whales going extinct or the ice poles melting, but what did we do to irk the Mayans so much? Maybe it’s just the archaeologists who discovered this ancient little calendar and decided to scare us all. Were they denied food at a restaurant or something, and swore revenge? I know a lot of people who have never worked at restaurants, so cut us some slack, please? It’s human nature to relish controversy, good or bad, provided they’re not the ones being targeted, of course. And what could be better than this? For people like me, who are still students, it’s just good news as it saves us a lot of annoying college exams and applying for jobs. We can all just stop studying now, and roam around freely, fulfilling all our desires, citing Doomsday as the best excuse.

Now, if what they’re saying is true by some crazy chance, my heart bleeds for all those who plan to get married around 2012. No more ‘happily ever after’, because there is no ‘ever after’. And those who may be born on the December 21, 2012? A Mayfly could point and laugh at them, seeing even their life span is usually a day. What’s funny is the things people plan to do before we all die, hand-in-hand. “Going on a World Tour”, “Buying a House’, “Getting Married’, “Going Skydiving” are regular ones. They are just the things people think they are supposed to say to sound sane. When actually, what they really want is to rob a bank and buy a country or construct a swimming pool filled with dollar notes, a la Uncle Scrooge. I personally want all of the above. Some say they want to try drugs, while some interesting ones say they want to read at least one big, boring book from start to finish, the only one they’ll ever be reading, and some want moments of passion with Orlando Bloom or Robert Pattinson, or both.

Now, if we look at it from this much more appealing point of view, the Doomsday is such a great reason to abandon books, jobs, tormenting bosses and indulge in our fantasies, and yes, the darkest ones too. Even if we do wake up with terrible headaches due to excessive drinking and crying the previous night, on the morning of December 22, 2012, we will not really be complaining, for we would all have great feats to boast about. You might say that would mean going back to the dreary old routine again- graduation, employment, marriage, and a divorce later maybe, but in that case, wouldn’t just dying off be a more convenient option?

Aayushi Sinha